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  1. Chris Gi


    Our book club just read 1984. What a discussion we had over it. I remembered reading it when it was first published and thinking if that is what the future holds - how awful.
  2. Chris Gi

    Invitation to “join” me in NZ

    Sadly we will have to go without hot cross buns this year - I can’t find any flour or yeast in San Diego so I will just savor yours - they look delicious 😋
  3. Chris Gi

    Keeping in shape for the next Camino - whenever.

    I share your frustration. I am 80 and I don’t know how many more Caminos I have left so as this year is out then I have to keep working on next year. However, my philosophy is “A body in motion stays in motion”. So, I have to get out and hit them there hills. I am lucky to have hills and canyons...
  4. Chris Gi

    Volunteers welcome

    That does sound like some kind of “penance” for anyone in need of one this season of Lent.
  5. Chris Gi

    Medical Insurance for US citizens

    We got ours through AAA here in the USA.
  6. Chris Gi

    Opening a coronavirus thread for forum discussion

    We are still planning to Camino Frances in September and by then we should know if we are being practical, sensible or fool hardy.
  7. Chris Gi

    Poll Do I absolutely need sunglasses for the Camino Frances in June?

    My husband Mike wears transition lenses in his prescription glasses and they were what he wore on his one and only Camino in June 2018. We live in San Diego Southern California where we have sun 90 percent of the time. I wear sunglasses but that is what transition lenses are for... so you don’t...
  8. Chris Gi

    Now I understand...

    The cows and the grass they eat. In Jersey and Guernsey (Channel Islands) the milk, cream and butter is wonderfully rich and a creamy yellow...a combination of feed and breed.
  9. Chris Gi

    What do you do when you cannot walk anymore?

    I am almost at that point ☹️ At 80 Sciatica has caught me totally unprepared and I have to slow down. So what to do when your mind is climbing the next mountain and your body just can’t keep up? I think my next Camino may be my last and it will be shorter but then I will be out there with all...
  10. Chris Gi

    Poll How many km/miles per day do you use to walk in average?

    Look what an interesting debate you have started with your simple poll😊
  11. Chris Gi

    STEPS: Why Pilgrims Walk the Camino de Santiago

    A lovely video. Thank you. So many people using their poles incorrectly 🙄. Is that bad of me to notice that?
  12. Chris Gi

    Training schedules

    I do a couple of 10 mile hikes, back to back if possible, every month. Apart from that it is just probably 3-4 miles a day when I can fit it in. I also go to the gym and do both free weights etc to keep all muscles in top shape. Planning my next Camino this year when I will be 80. Maybe slow...
  13. Chris Gi


    500 is about as good as it gets for basic trail runners. On the other hand my husband’s heavy leather Merrell boots will outlive him.
  14. Chris Gi

    Beginning a flight search — my New Year’s Day tradition

    Thank you for the Google advice. Perfect for my planning for September - October. I hope that I am reading it correctly but I can get a RT from my home town of San Diego to SdC for just over $1300 with no more than 2 stops and on regular air lines.

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