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  1. Chris Gi

    Arrrgh. . . It's Too Red. Will It Be Like Carrying An Easter Egg?

    But it will be easier to spot if someone tries to run off with it😆
  2. Chris Gi

    Ultimate short cut

    At least it’s cheaper than a trip to the Moon. 🙄
  3. Chris Gi

    New to Camino

    I will celebrate my 80th birthday next year by walking a shorter Camino- Tricastella to Santiago, with a new pair of knees. Last year, with very carefull planning and training I was able to walk on well worn knees from Pamplona (albeit slowly at times and sending my big pack ahead each day) to...
  4. Chris Gi

    Women: Advice on trail runners/shoes

    I love my AHNU Sugar Pine. They are now sold under the Teva brand. REI carries them as does Amazon. I have done over 500 miles and they are still going strong. A great fit if you like a wider trail shoe.
  5. Chris Gi

    Happy CAMINO Mother's Day 2019

    Such a beautiful table setting. Would love to see a “translation” of Rumand.......😁
  6. Chris Gi

    Journalism student filming documentary this summer - interviewing pilgrims!

    Hi Jamie We are planning a very short Camino to introduce a friend to the joys of a pilgrimage and plan to start from Tricastella next year. How did you get there to start?
  7. Chris Gi

    The unpredictable ends of my Camino!

    Oh dear. I am so very sorry for your pain and painful decision to stop your Camino. I hope that you recover well and quickly. The Camino will still be there for you.
  8. Chris Gi

    Non-religious staying at Auberges

    Well, that states it all pretty clearly.
  9. Chris Gi

    Changing Socks (or just airing them out)

    I have done that many times. I guess it works if you don’t have really sweaty, stinky feet. I turn the socks inside out, give them a good rub and shake but put them back on the correct way.
  10. Chris Gi

    Tips for Uphill Walking or Hiking

    I find that a short stint of walking backwards uphill (with someone to “spot” for you) will give your calf muscles a break and a nice view of where you have been. Also, I don’t like to look up to see how much further it is but rather look from side to side and enjoy that view.
  11. Chris Gi

    Bag transfers

    Jacotrans and Camino Facile (not sure about spelling) transport bags between most accommodations including hotels etc willing to accept them. Not exactly cheap but not outrageously expensive.
  12. Chris Gi

    General How to Hike Downhill question

    Excuse my ignorance but what is the “Bastogne”?
  13. Chris Gi

    Let's Start A Pilgrim's Albergue in Santiago de Compostela!

    I assume he means opposed to those coming on tour buses having walked just the last 100 Km. Maybe “true” is just a bad choice of words.

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