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Recent content by Chris Taggart

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    COVID Sara

    Sara, so sorry to hear this, take especial care of yourself, get all the rest you can as this will make you even stronger for the adventures to come. Hope you have a loving support system around you, all the best for your speedy recovery.
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    Program alert for Aussies

    Thanks again, it was good to be able to alert friends and family, especially a near 90 year old, so they can see in part the Camino for themselves. All have listened to us, ( at every opportunity ) and seen our photos and videos etc., but I think seeing a group of other people experiencing ‘the...
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    Program alert for Aussies

    Sounds Good, thanks for thinking of us. Beautiful to reflect and remember with hope for future walks. cheers
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    Red cross - Black cross

    Good points Dave, wearing a symbol is not as useful a sign of support as perhaps a contribution where it is seen to be useful or helpful to a small service provider. I am sure our hearts all want to help, and that energy gladdens my heart.
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    COVID Santiago this morning

    Absolutely, moved me to tears, such a beautiful way to look at the situation. Cheers from Australia
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    Thank you, sharing reflections such as this, helps with the healing, and brings a closeness with other souls, in other places........ Am copying this for a collection of inspirations to read during the quiet times of our lives at presents.
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    COVID My "CoronaCamino 2020"

    Thank you, a joyful moment, smiles in these moments of the unknown.
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    Just a little thought....

    Hello from australian Camino family. I too think of my Camino’s throughout the day, often feeling as if what I am doing at the time, is part of, or a continuation of my Camino. As if I am walking towards my next time, the Camino never ends......I am a part of it, as it is most certainly part of...
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    COVID COVID-19 — It is time to postpone your camino.

    Thank you for this sensible and compassionate information. The best way to protect ourselves and fellow pilgrims, is to take on board local advice. To all the forum members and fellow pilgrims, stay well and be safe
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    Osprey Kyte 36l advice

    Hi Coo, I am no expert, but from experience, and uncomfortable backpacks, I have learnt that ”torso length” is the most important factor in sizing your pack. If I may recommend a You tube video by Doug, “Backcountry Pilgrim“, he explains the factors of capacity and sizing very well. Enjoy the...
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    Poll How many km/miles per day do you use to walk in average?

    Wow, I found the poll of interest, but more interesting was the discussion about the topic. I am always fascinated by the differences of opinion, the varied way we human beings think about things.
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    Sara’s Camino de Invierno Video Blog - Dec 2019

    Hi Sara, bridge dancing Queen.How did the bridge dancing originate.? really enjoying your adventures and your energy.
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    Camino Frances 2019 PostScript 2: CAMINO COLLOCATION

    Camino contentment, the feeling of walking completely in the moment. Each breath, each step, feeling exactly where you should be.

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