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  1. Chris66

    How does the Lebaniego compare with other caminos?

    Hi Kelly, Just wonder, did you go? I cancelled my flight to Spain and put the journey on hold. Crazy time right now with the covid19, hopefully next year.
  2. Chris66

    How does the Lebaniego compare with other caminos?

    Hi Kelly! That would be great!...but..😢 i think i would be back home already cause my boss expect me on the first of june..😂 I have the last two weeks in may to walk the lebaniego. So when you start, i would be back home already. Its the time I can get of from work. Now looking for the best and...
  3. Chris66

    How does the Lebaniego compare with other caminos?

    Thnx for the update! I also are planning to walk the camino Lebaniego next year 2020 in May or June from San Vicente de la Barquera to Potes and then try a few day hikes from Fuente De. also see a lot of youtube videos about CL on the internet and most of them are spaniards..Is it true that...
  4. Chris66

    From which country this pilgrim is from?

    Me neither are wearing a flag-patch. My native is Moluccan, island part of Indonesia and i live for 53 years in Holland. Many people think i am from Brasil or Cuba or another south America place. Its funny when you walk along the camino or sit on a terrace and people next to you speaks dutch...
  5. Chris66

    Comment by 'Chris66' in media 'A long and winding road to Luquin'

    Hi, i was here on 2 may 2018, almost at the same spot. Its a beauitful route in springtime!
  6. Chris66

    Regrets of a pilgrim

    I've walked from april 27, till 27 may this year from St Jean to Santiago. I'm already a few weeks on to my normal life at home. At work i made a screensaver with all the pictures of the camino, well the most pictures i loved. I found myself everyday at work staring at my screensaver for a...
  7. Chris66

    I miss my boots

    Well, i didnt watched my topic anymore sinds every one is shouting the crapp out of me. I hope you all have a wonderfull and clean Camino... I am sure that all off you know how to behave on the Camino and you are all saints. It was wrong decision but it pissis me off what you see along the...
  8. Chris66

    I miss my boots

    Ok. Bad choice..
  9. Chris66

    I miss my boots

    Some may find it stupid. But i see a lot of garbage round the trail. Im sure someday my shoes are gone. I dont throw or burn them. They just standing there. Sorry if i offended Some people. But they worn off and i carried them for three days. Some pelgrim gave me that advice So i Loose weight...
  10. Chris66

    I miss my boots

  11. Chris66

    Burgos 2 days rest where

    I just booked at Puerta de Burgos for 2 days. Arrived early and must wait now till 14.00. Now wandering thru Burgos. Cant wait to jump on my bed for two days..
  12. Chris66

    Burgos 2 days rest where

    Hi all, I am at Villafranca right now and heading near Burgos to stay there for a 2 day rest. Is there hostel in Burgos who let you stay for two days without leaving in the morning and come back later? Or is an hotel the better option what i think is expensive.. aant advice would help. Thnkx!
  13. Chris66

    Live - Camino Francés The good weather has arrived

    thnkx for the update Glenshiro! looking forward next week starting in SJPDP!
  14. Chris66

    (FOUND!) missing person in Najera region!|

    Hi, maybe a picture of her will help. Hope she's ok!
  15. Chris66

    71 year old man dies at albergue in Tricastela

    Buen Camino peregrino..i am sure you are still following the right path now! GBU!