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  1. ChristinaD

    Camino Book It's about time, by Johnnie Walker [Paid]

    Purchased my kindle copy and read it thru in one sitting (plenty of tissues nearby). Well done, Johnny Walker and a big TY to SYates for telling us.
  2. ChristinaD

    To Orisson or not to Orisson...

    You are amazing davebugg, and While I thought it was altitude that bothered me, it was more likely the backpack. I trained for months, walking near home or on the beach, but I never wore my pack. Thanks for the info.
  3. ChristinaD

    To Orisson or not to Orisson...

    Thank you Dani7, I should have said that the camino was very kind to us on the rest of our journey. Lots of friendly people with smiles and help when we needed it. But we did try to get a private room each night - showers, laundry and sleep were much easier that way.
  4. ChristinaD

    To Orisson or not to Orisson...

    I would not stay in Orisson - our experience was not good. We were jet-lagged, and thinking it would be a short walk, slept in. We had breakfast and shopped in SJPdP before starting the hike. Although I was used to walking every day at home, we lived at sea level, and the altitude really...
  5. ChristinaD

    Logrono to Leon in 10 Days?

    Logrono has an airport. When I was injured in 2017, we caught a plane to Madrid in the morning, and I think the return flight is in the evening. Only one flight to Madrid per day and tickets must be purchased online, not at the airport. When we returned to finish the Camino, we started in...
  6. ChristinaD

    Recognize this pilgrim?

    Perfect place for this monument. We also experienced rain and fog after a long night's storm. This is our start in the early morning, 15 Sept 2017.
  7. ChristinaD

    Your Favourite Walking Music - That Seems to Transport You

    I too, downloaded songs I thought I might love to on the Camino, and only rarely listened to them, mostly when I was tired or my feet hurt - hands down favorite artist is Enya - the most obvious tune being "Pilgrim" but also "May it Be", "So I Can Find My Way", "A Moment Lost", and so on.
  8. ChristinaD

    What was you best moment (apart from walking)?

    Best moment on our incredible journey has to be the day we reached Cruz de Ferro. From my notes of that day: "This bright morning we noticed rustic handmade crosses hung along the fence for miles, leading up to our destination, the Cruz de Ferro, We added two more. It doesn't look like much of...
  9. ChristinaD

    Top tips and gentle reminders

    Our Top Tip: Bring a length of twine and clothes pins to hang your wet things. We found these simple items invaluable on our journey.
  10. ChristinaD

    Longing to walk the camino once more....

    Longing to walk the camino once more....
  11. ChristinaD

    knitting finding a yarn shop

    Oh my, those are indeed huge projects! Much more yarn than I could ever carry in my backpack. I don't crochet, just knitting for me, but I was thinking more along the lines of knitting a little each day, so would have to be smaller, perhaps lacy. I guess when I think of Spain I think of...
  12. ChristinaD

    knitting finding a yarn shop

    Wow, I am not that good but I agree my knitting calms me and seems to invite smiles and conversations with strangers.
  13. ChristinaD

    knitting finding a yarn shop

    If I purchased enough yarn for a blanket, it might displace my sleeping bag! I am thinking more like a lacy shawl, but not certain yet. I did have my needles confiscated once- on a short flight from London to Rome several years ago, but only the one time. Would love to see pix of your Camino...
  14. ChristinaD

    knitting finding a yarn shop

    I just love it that there are kindred spirits on every possible subject on this blog. Hubby suggested I might want to buy a special yarn on our trek from May-June as a special way to remember our Camino...great idea, but how do I find one? Here on Ivar's site, of course. Thanks everyone!

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