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    Camino Dragonte: Villafranca del Bierzo to O Cebreiro

    Thanks for posting this, Brent. I love the way you write and didn't want the post to end.
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    Walking the Pyrenees with pre teens all unfit.

    I agree with David. Either start back a few days in France or start in Pamplona. I walked several days in France before St Jean on one of my caminos, and it was beautiful. The other option (Pamplona) is great too. The first day out of Pamplona includes a bit of a challenge right off the bat...
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    Not a walker/hiker

    Hi Elaine, I completely understand your concern. I'm not a walker/hiker either, except that I live in the city and walk to work, etc. Aside from that, I am pretty much a slug, and, in spite of that, I just completed my third camino in August -- walking 320 miles. Take it slow. Listen to your...
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    Publicly humiliated for snoring

    This is day 7 for me. I'm a snorer, but I have a mouthpiece that really works. Last night in El Burgo Ranero my mouthpiece came out and I guess I snored pretty loudly. My friend woke me up and I turned over and replaced my mouthpiece, and all was fine. I was so embarrassed by this, but that's...
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    Starting on the Meseta on Saturday. I'm a bit nervous.

    Thanks to everyone for the words of encouragement. I'm in Burgos now and getting ready to start in a couple of hours. Your posts have been really helpful. Thank you!
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    Starting on the Meseta on Saturday. I'm a bit nervous.

    This is my 3rd Camino, but it's my first time alone. I'm starting on the Meseta on Saturday (7/20); leaving tomorrow night. I'm all packed and prepped to go, but now the nerves have set in. I could use some encouragement on 2 topics; 1) I have a major fear of dogs. When I was traveling with a...
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    Leave in 10 days - FIVE last minute questions for you!

    Last minute spiritual preparation: For my first camino, I sat down and made a list of 33 people (one for each day of walking) who have affected my path in life, guided me, influenced me, etc. I dedicated a section of my camino to each of them. Occasionally, I sent a postcard from that section...
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    To cross Pyrenees or not?? Experienced walker?

    I remember feeling the same way before my first camino, especially after reading all of the warnings on the boards about this stage. I was 42, far from fit, and inexperienced in hiking. It took me 12 hours to walk from SJPdP to Roncesvalles, and I ached all over when I finally reached the...
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    three people in the Camino

    Thank you for posting this. I'm in the early stages of planning my 3rd camino for this summer and it was such a gift to be able to spend two and a half hours walking with these 3 pilgrims. Does anyone know where the nuns were located? It's where they are told they have to be back by 10 pm...
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    San Sebastian airport to SJPP 21-8-12

    I flew into San Sebastian on my first camino. It was fine. Very easy to do. My only regret was not planning for a day to explore that city. It looked beautiful from the sky.
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    Walking with a companion

    If you live alone, as I do, it is hard to spend so much time with another person. I wanted to walk alone, but couldn't say no to a friend who wanted to join me. One thing that really helped us get through the 5 weeks together was a plan we created for our daily routine. We each dedicated the...
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    Lost the Certificate

    John, Thanks so much for your help. I received my new compostela today. Never thought I'd see it again, and I really can't tell you how much this has meant to me. Thank you for taking care of this for me. I feel like I've been blessed by another angel on the camino. Muchas Gracias, Dominick
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    Advice for 2012 Camino -- 15 days

    Hi Joni, I'm in Jersey City, NJ. We saw the movie at the Empire in Times Square with the movie bus parked out front and Martin and Emilio coming out after the movie to answer questions. It was amazing. The actors were surprised to see how many of us in the audience had indeed walked the camino...
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    Advice for 2012 Camino -- 15 days

    I went to see "The Way" twice in the past week, and both times the friends who came with me were very interested in joining me for my 3rd camino this summer. We have 15 days with the stipulation that all 4 of them want to go to Santiago as this is their first time. I have walked the Camino...
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    "The Way" movie being released??

    This is very serious. I suggest you send the DVD to me so that I can dispose of it properly.