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  1. Corwen

    The Delicate Matter of Toilet Paper on the Camino

    Ladies use toilet paper for wee wiping, personally as a man I don't need to do this so I've found toilet paper with a little poo on it burns fine! Depends on the consistency of ones stools perhaps! :mrgreen: Too much information maybe!
  2. Corwen

    Pèlerine de Musique

    we tried it in various French towns but decided that town wasn't a good place to be as wild camping is hazardous and towns are unpleasant, so decided just to play for fun for the other Pilgrims!
  3. Corwen

    Leather cowboy hat?

    I always take 'disposable' hats trekking because I have lost so many (blown off my head on top of mountains etc!) but there is nothing like a cool hat to set off an outfit! I'd maybe add a tightenable chin strap for windproofing and a few grommets in the top for ventilation.
  4. Corwen

    The Delicate Matter of Toilet Paper on the Camino

    I always carry a lighter to burn the paper when I am trekking if it is impossible to bury it. Obviously you have to be sensible and stamp out any remaining embers before leaving, but burning is a good solution where burying your paper is impossible and saves carrying shitty paper away with you!
  5. Corwen

    Practical advice for St Olav's Way walk

    And no problem, its quite enjoyable packing vicariously! I'm happy to help, the less weight you carry the better a trip you'll have and another brain looking over your list is always helpful, we ran our packing list past several people before we left and took many ideas on board. Its worth...
  6. Corwen

    Practical advice for St Olav's Way walk

    OK I also noticed you are taking a towel and that is part of your toiletries weight. A towel is rather redundant item- firstly any accommodation that provides a shower will also provide towels. Secondly you have lots of wooly garments and you probably won't be wearing all of them at once so just...
  7. Corwen

    Practical advice for St Olav's Way walk

    OK, further to last nights post... Most of this saving comes from the rucksack and mat, and a new tent will be expensive for a marginal gain so that would be the last thing I'd change depending on budget. We were very lucky, someone went in the back of our car just before we left and since it...
  8. Corwen

    Practical advice for St Olav's Way walk

    Its late so I'll just do a quick post examining the 'Big 4' (tent, sack, bag and mat), but at first glance you could swap your pack for a 50 litre Golite one weighing around 850g and your tent for a small one man version at around 1 to 1.2kg and the mat for a thermarest neoair or prolite and...
  9. Corwen

    Practical advice for St Olav's Way walk

    Hi Nidarosa, glad you enjoyed our blog, we really must finish writing the trip up, its only been 7 years and I still haven't finished it! We are by inclination minimalists, and that isn't for everyone, but if you would like feel free to post your pack list here and maybe we and other people who...
  10. Corwen

    How many Km\day?

    80km/day means average walking pace for 24 hours straight, or to put it another way 2 marathons. These distances are possible for the ultra-marathon crowd, and maybe the odd athlete could run the whole Camino from St Jean in 10 days, but I'm not sure this is a 'Pilgrimage', it is sport. We met...
  11. Corwen

    down jacket - am I being ridiculous?

    Sounds great for 200ish grams- what is the brand?
  12. Corwen

    Possibility to tent on the trail?

    Plenty of places to camp, we walked fro home (Dorset) via Weymouth/St Malo ferry, camped all the way until Dax and then used some refugios until Estella. Used all refugios from there and sent tent home, but bought a new one in Sarria as it was so crowded. Used the tent then for last week to...
  13. Corwen

    Cortisone injections

    I understand they help in the short term but make matters worse long term. Have you tried all the other approaches? Super light pack (under 4 kilos), orthotic insoles, walking poles, chiropractic/osteopathy/podiatry?
  14. Corwen

    How many Km\day?

    Plan for 20k per day, you may be able to do more later when fit but then again you may need a day off somewhere and it will be impossible to catch up with yourself and finish on time if you planned for 25 per day. Don't be tempted to do big days near the end either just to get there, lots of...
  15. Corwen

    sleeping pad needed?

    We took light roll mats with a silvered insulating layer and I wouldn't have been without them. There were days we felt like having some peace and quiet and were able to sleep in a church porch not in a refugio (in fact we bought a tent just after Sarria and slept in that on and off till...

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