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Camino Way Markers
Original Camino Way markers made in bronze. Two models, one from Castilla & Leon and the other from Galicia.
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Recent content by crackmrmac

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    Camino Podcast Week 180 - the Irish pilgrim Natasha Murtagh walked the Camino with her father. This is a great story about love...and family. Camino family.

    Will download and listen at the weekend. Enjoyed the book they wrote together. I wonder does she mention that her Dad Peter was on another great adventure when COVID-19 struck. Hopefully this link works...
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    You had a great idea for this thread and it is going well. Another idea for a separate thread...

    You had a great idea for this thread and it is going well. Another idea for a separate thread but with similar theme is ....Sello received on this date. Edit.... attach photo! Buen Camino.
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    What would you like to ask John Brierley?

    "Tell us about any room/albergues/footpaths have the title John Brierley ! "
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    COVID Covid and booked tours

    Hi Laurie, it’s a strange time indeed. Can’t help you with legalities. Your husband’s trip cancelled or deferred ?, paying in advance and having travel insurance we assume all bases are covered. That’s the way I work. Here in Ireland I know people with bookings for group tours to Asia and were...
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    A retraction and an apology

    Isca-camigo, please do not let this upset you too much. Buen Camino.
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    Spanish ATM cash-machine fee cheat-sheet

    Bankinter, also free. Very helpful image posted.
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    Baztán Guide

    Walked this way last September. Enjoyed it, especially after first 15km from Bayonne, it’s not really by the river as mentioned by other posts. But don’t rely on my recall.
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    Refilling Prescriptions

    👍 Perhaps it’s something similar to taking poles in carry on baggage. Some pharmacies have given me requested antibiotics and other medication without prescription while others will refuse. Plan ahead if necessary.
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    Vdlp in december is a lonely way!

    Best wishes to you at this time of year. Enjoy. Buen Camino.
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    Ireland camino start ?

    In Drogheda, Co.Louth not too far from Dublin airport the new Boyne Valley Camino might be suitable for overseas pilgrims on route to Spain. I have seen the sellos available on the route. Circular although a bit large for concertina / typical style passport. Perhaps they were designed for the...
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    Recent feedback from the Salvador

    Laurie, I doubt it was Ender......I arrived about 8pm last July and hospitalero plus 1 were looking after all pilgrims. I think if it was Ender there would have been some conversation about experience on the way. Yes, I am happy to have the scarf, although unlikey to wear here in Ireland! Maybe...
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    Recent feedback from the Salvador

    Look at this.
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    The Gift of Ithaca

    Thanks for reminder. Maybe 8 years ago I read this text, perhaps a link from this forum! Buen Camino.
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    new route from Santiago to Muxia

    Perhaps this is it.......Scroll down to thread by peregrina2000 on 24th March , new route to Muxia.