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  1. crad80

    Christmas Mass

    Hi everyone, I will be arriving in Santiago de Compostela on Christmas Day. I was wondering if anyone knows if there is Christmas Mass being held at the cathedral? Thanks in advance. Buen Camino, Crad80
  2. crad80

    Vigo, The Experience

    Yes, the Cies Islands are definitely NOT TO BE MISSED! Attached is a link to Information about the upcoming music festival on San Simón Island. Hasta pronto y Buen Camino!!! C-rad80 :D
  3. crad80

    Vigo, The Experience

    Hello Turtles06, Greetings from Vigo!!! As for your question about the Camino passing through the City of Vigo. Yes, it does pass through Vigo and it's the coastal route. Please look at the following two links for more information: ... rough-vigo...
  4. crad80

    Just got back

    Congratulations on your achievement. I too felt the same emotions on my Camino. The feeling you get when you arrive in Santiago (or Finisterre, in my case) is so hard to describe. Thanks again for sharing your Camino experiences. Buen Camino!
  5. crad80

    from Madrid to Sarria best way to get there

    I would recommend taking the Renfe Trenhotel. Buen Camino.
  6. crad80

    Gluten Free on Camino

    Me too. I've never had a problem buying yogurt the night before. Everyday I would walk until mid-afternoon and then go to the local market to pick up some fruits and essentials for the next day. In fact, I would always carry some nuts and energy bars in case I got hungry. Buen Camino!
  7. crad80

    Vigo, The Experience

    Spanish Buenos días Piogaw, Claro que sí! Que tengas un buen día! Nos vemos pronto, Crad80 English Good day Piogaw, Of course! Have a great day. We see each other soon, Crad80
  8. crad80

    Vigo, The Experience

    Hi Everyone, As we head into the month of June, many of you will be either starting or completing your Camino walk. I just wanted to post this four minute video (in Spanish) of the city of Vigo. It's a short train ride from Santiago de Compostela, and it's a great place to visit. There are...
  9. crad80


    Hi -Brielle, At Barcelona Airport, money dispensed from ATM's is in the form of Euros. Also, as previously noted above, many small villages do not have ATM's so make sure you have some Euros "stashed away" in case of emergencies. Hope this helps. Buen Camino.
  10. crad80

    Has anyone attempted this Camino walk (2744 km)?

    Hi Everyone, I found this picture on the Internet this morning while waiting for the train to arrive. Does anyone know where this picture is from? If I had a couple (or several) months free, I wouldn't mind trying this Camino walk. But I was wondering if it's even possible? Has anyone...
  11. crad80

    What items are you glad/wish you had brought?

    Two things come to mind: (1) Q-tips; and (2) Soft-picks for flossing in-between my teeth after a meal. :D
  12. crad80

    If you had a couple of rest days, where would you take them?

    Burgos is a great place to visit. My friend's fiancée is from there. There's so many great places on the Camino. It's hard to choose where to take the rest days!!! But I guess that's what makes the Camino so special, and why it's called "The Way." :)
  13. crad80

    Yoga on the Camino de Santiago?

    Hi Ann, Thanks for the suggestions. I will keep them in mind while on this Camino. I have been practicing yoga for the past year and I truly enjoy it. Buen Camino and Namaste as well. Crad80
  14. crad80

    If you had a couple of rest days, where would you take them?

    Hi Everyone, I was just wondering. If you had a couple of rest days, where would you stop and take them on the Camino? On my last Camino, we walked everyday without taking a rest day. But this time, we've got a few extra days before we have to return to the States. Where are some great...
  15. crad80

    Vodafone or Orange ?

    I have a Vodaphone mobile phone. It works great on the Camino Frances and Portugues routes. Never had a problem with reception. Buen Camino.