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Recent content by craiger1511

  1. craiger1511

    COVID Getting a rapid antigen test in Barcelona

    Have you considered using a "home test"? We used the eMed (service) and the Abbot BinaNOX home test, both in order to fly TAP and enter into Portugal, and, to return to the US from Madrid. The testing process takes < 30 minutes and I used my iPhone from a hotel wi-fi. I purchased my testing...
  2. craiger1511

    Help changing paths in Portugal

    I'll second that! Me encanta Fernanda y su casa mucho. Our Camino family came together here and I will be forever grateful for introducing all of us ...
  3. craiger1511

    I am fulled with thankfulness

    Having just completed the Camino Portuguese (Porto to Santiago) last week, I want to thank all the people who contributed to making my Camino Portugues a success: My wife and family for their encouragement and support; Chris, my walking buddy of four Caminos; Ivar and the members of the Forum...
  4. craiger1511

    COVID COVID test to return to USA

    I used the eMed service prior to departing from on TAP from Newark to Porto (10/3/21) and it was a straight forward process with very helpful proctors. Hopefully, I’ll have a similar experience on 10/18/21 when returning.
  5. craiger1511

    New requirements for US travel to Spain — effective Sept. 6, 2021

    Thanks you @trecile Here is the info from the Spanish Ministry of Health Current Public Health Alerts Travel and COVID-19 Travel Within Spain International travel and...
  6. craiger1511

    New requirements for US travel to Spain — effective Sept. 6, 2021

    SpTH Question. I’ll be starting the Camino Portuguese in two weeks (US to Porto). We’re double jabbed and will get our COVID tests prior to departure. Within a week we‘ll arrive in Spain (by foot) - so how do I complete the SpTH? My App asks if we are arriving by plane or by ferry? Do I provide...
  7. craiger1511

    COVID camino from porto to santiago

    Thanks for the info. Be safe and buen camino.
  8. craiger1511

    Sharing my visit to a podiatrist (orthotics)

    I list my podiatrist as my PRIMARY CARE doc! Ha ha ha. He's been a life saver for me. Two months before my first Camino I developed achilles pain - PANIC!! I was fitted for orthodicts and referred for a bit of PT. Voila! Camino #1 (two weeks) was a success. I've since walked the TMB, parts of...
  9. craiger1511

    The Miracle of Kinesiology Tape

    Compeed - it's a miracle <w>. My little investment in '15 has only been used once but it was a Camino-saver! The pack of Compeed sits in the bottom of my ruck sack and I hope that I'll not need to dig it out again.
  10. craiger1511

    e-mails from the forum

    Oh my, how embarrassing 🥵. The "weekly" had arrived safe & sound but was somehow "fat-fingered" into the trash folder. Now, it's been rescued. Thank you.
  11. craiger1511

    e-mails from the forum

    @ivar. Last week, daily emails suddenly appeared but I had no difficulty in turning them in my account settings. However, my much anticipated "weekly summary (Saturday)" never arrived 😢. I double checked my settings and weekly was still set to 👍. Ideas? Thanks for all that you do ...
  12. craiger1511

    Look what popped up during my online Spanish lesson

    @Wendy Werneth @Pelegrin y otros qué tienen un interesante en aprender español ... Absolutely, Stories on Duolingo are a key component of learning Spanish, and not to be missed! In fact, the Stories feature has been recently enhanced with "read, listen and speak" options. I spend an equal...
  13. craiger1511

    What's the one thing in your pack, that you absolutely CANNOT do without...and why?

    Without a doubt it's my Pacer Poles (hiking poles). They're essential for safety (e.g., uneven terrain, downhill, slippery conditions), a boost for uphill challenges, support for the upper body when carrying a heavy pack, and, lastly, assisting or reminding me to stand tall when I'm feeling...
  14. craiger1511

    What month would you choose?

    Ja, ja, ja! Paved paths on the Primitivo? I don't think so <w>. In Spring '19 we tried to tip-toe through the boggy Primitivo paths on two very rainy days. With pastures on both side of the path, I'm certain you can imagine who are the primary "walkers" on the paths - las vacas! Finally, we gave...
  15. craiger1511

    Preparing to Walk the Camino - Top Ten Tips

    IMHO, hiking poles or mis palos are my #2 most important item (boots are #1); and, I'm completely in love with my PacerPoles. While there are so many reasons why the sticks are vital for long distance walking, I'll focus simply SAFETY. Especially for senior walkers, sticks are so very helpful in...