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Recent content by Cyclinggeo

  1. Cyclinggeo

    Walking around Spain

    ?? Their profile shows that they are from Holland.
  2. Cyclinggeo

    Charming Camino Vinto Tinto Logo

    Looks like the Godelia is also available here in the Dallas area😀
  3. Cyclinggeo

    Post your favorite flower photo(s) taken on Camino(part 2)

    Somewhere between Lires and Finisterre.
  4. Cyclinggeo

    Yet another health threat to worry about

    Here is the disaster outlook for the remainder of the year :eek:
  5. Cyclinggeo

    Medical Insurance for US citizens

    Big ticket items also include medical coverage. My wife was recently hospitalized for 10 days in Switzerland. Without travel insurance, we would have been out of pocket for $11,000+ in medical expenses plus lodging and additional car rental expenses for me. Unfortunately, things happen...
  6. Cyclinggeo

    Osprey Backpacks are awesome!

    Agreed. I have a Stratos 36 and love it. I also purchased an Osprey Farpoint 40 travel pack last year for a month long non-hiking trip to Switzerland and was able to use it as a carry-on and avoid checking a bag. I have been very happy with my Osprey choices.
  7. Cyclinggeo

    Travel Insurance

    I second all of the above. Do not skimp on your travel insurance selection! My wife and I visited Switzerland recently. Two days before our scheduled return, she came down with a serious case of pneumonia. She had to be transported to the hospital by ambulance where she was hospitalized for...
  8. Cyclinggeo

    Managing Gout

    And I should add that I have not had to modify my diet whatsoever since then.
  9. Cyclinggeo

    Managing Gout

    Agree on the Allopurinol. I had my first of two attacks probably around 20 years ago. The second one, a much less severe attack, came maybe six months later. I have been on 150 mg/day of Allopurinol since and have never had another attack. Good luck.
  10. Cyclinggeo

    Pulperia Ezequiel, Melide

    Loved Ezequiel!
  11. Cyclinggeo

    Stamps on first day

    In our excitement to begin our last 100K hike from Sarria, we forgot to memorialize our starting point with a stamp in Sarria. When we remembered several km's later, it was too late to turn around. Although not at all looking forward to doing so, we were fully prepared to taxi back to the...