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Recent content by Dale R Cohen

  1. Dale R Cohen

    Winter Gear Shakedown

    A corkscrew.
  2. Dale R Cohen

    Rest day: Leon or Astorga

    I took a rest day in Burgos on a Sunday and most things were closed except for the Cathedral. I booked a room and basically either walked around town or sat in my room. So when I found myself in Leon on a Sunday, too, I decided to spend one night, tour the cathedral in the morning, and begin...
  3. Dale R Cohen

    Walk for my birthday or go a month earlier

    I celebrated my birthday on the Camino this past March and the small group of pilgrims at the albergue (none of whom I had met before that night) and the hospitalero in Mansilla de Las Mulas serendipitously threw a party for me! It was my favorite birthday yet. Whenever you go will be the...
  4. Dale R Cohen

    My journey to the Camino

    If you walk with the same spirit in which you have prepared, you are in for the continuation of an amazing story! Buen Camino!
  5. Dale R Cohen

    How to spot me!

    "]I'm seriously thinking about attaching these to my backpack. :p Whenever I’m walking in Mountain Lion country, I wear something that looks like eyes on the back of my head. Since Mountain Lions attack from behind, it confuses them and keeps me safe! Buen Camino!
  6. Dale R Cohen

    Physical Recovery

    I am aware that I am experiencing a mild depression after completing my Camino and returning home on April 17th. Even a mild depression has some physical side effects. To counteract the effects of the depression, I continue to find solitude in walking every morning for an hour, remembering to...
  7. Dale R Cohen

    Finisterre or Muxia first?

    I went to Muxia first. I decided to end of my Camino walking there. After a night in Muxia, I took a taxi to Finisterre. After five weeks of walking, the taxi ride was challenging. My body was use to moving at 3 to 4 km per hour. The bus ride from Finisterre back to Santiago was better and the...
  8. Dale R Cohen

    Did you meet Pedro in Finisterre?

    He was there earlier this month with stories of some sculpture he’s done in Finisterre that some friends tried to find, to no avail. I don’t think he walks the Camino. I think he walks the streets of Finisterre and enjoys talking with pilgrims...and selling postcards!
  9. Dale R Cohen

    The Meseta.

    I walked the Meseta in March of this year and experienced a wind-driven, hailing thunderstorm complete with lightning. The hail hurt like hell (like being shot with a thousand pellets from an air rifle); however, it was still one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. The ground was...
  10. Dale R Cohen

    Apple Watch on the Camino

    if You put it in workout mode, it will track your location; however, it will also run down the battery at a quicker rate and probably not last all day. I just tracked total kilometers because the distance between stages was not the only walking I did. For instance, on a rest day in Burgos, I...
  11. Dale R Cohen

    Apple Watch on the Camino

    I wore mine everyday, charged it every evening either via a plug or using a charging brick I carried (that I charged up whenever I had a plug near my bunk), and never had any problems. I’m not obsessed with my Apple Watch, so it didn’t distract me on the Camino; however, now I have an electronic...
  12. Dale R Cohen

    Starting camino 5th March

    Finally made it to Biarritz. Will evaluate my transfer options to St. Jean tomorrow. It looks like Wednesday is the day!!!
  13. Dale R Cohen

    Starting camino 5th March

    And now leave SJPDP on Wednesday. As I sit in Atlanta awaiting a later flight that delays me another day, I am remembering the Wise Ones who say the Camino provides exactly what we need. So, I’m trusting this is “exactly what I need”! Buen Camino!
  14. Dale R Cohen

    Starting camino 5th March

    Update: My flight was cancelled and so now I won’t be starting until Tuesday instead of Monday— unless something else changes!