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Recent content by Davey Boyd

  1. Davey Boyd

    Biarritz to Irun

    I walked that once, from Bayonne. It was a really nice walk. I slept on the beach (Plage d'Uhabla) just outside Bidart. The coast walk at Hendaye was really nice too. I didn't think much of Irun though. Would definitely walk that way again in the future.
  2. Davey Boyd

    Castilblanco to Almaden

    When I was there the ranger station was disused but looked maintained (April 2017). There is the 'pilgrim fountain' on the wall as you pass. If you look behind that wall on the left is a tap on the side of the main building, which is the one I used as it was faster running and colder. There was...
  3. Davey Boyd

    Help with identification of a monument on the CF

    It is a modern construction celebrating the archaeological discoveries in the area.
  4. Davey Boyd

    Compiling a list of refugios that accept tents

    I use a Wild Country Zephyros 1 tent because of its light weight. 1.5 kilo. Anything lighter gets expensive real quick. Cheap tents may fail due to how much use it is going to receive. I had my Zephyros 1 on all my caminos and it stood up well, only having to replace the pegs. Though small the...
  5. Davey Boyd

    Compiling a list of refugios that accept tents

    Here is what I have where you can camp at an albergue. Some may be listed above. 1. The Parroquia at Zalbadika before Pamplona (the one with the nuns). They let me camp around the back. Seemed quite happy about it. 2. Sanjaunista at Cizur Menor (the Nights of Malta one). Always camped there...
  6. Davey Boyd

    Best guide book?

    Funny that Robo, I do the same. my first time on the Frances I had the Brierley Map Only guide. I really love those maps. Then I use it to make notes on. Good albergues, bad albergues, cafe's, dodgy bits etc. I underline where I I have stayed in Red = bad, Green = great and blue = ok. (I also...
  7. Davey Boyd

    Refuge Orisson most unresponsive!

    Here is a thing about Orisson. I have stayed there three times but never booked once. I always went to the pilgrims office in St Jean and asked them if they would kindly book a bed for me in Orisson that night. They ring up and I have always got a bed - even when it is full online. I think...
  8. Davey Boyd

    Hello, I'm Scared to walk from Geneva

    Sounds tough going, I wish you well. Just wondering if you have a copy of the 'Yellow Guide' for the GR65 by The association of friends of Saint Jacques en Rhône-Alpes? I found it the best accommodation guide for this route. Take care and Bon Chemin
  9. Davey Boyd

    Hello, I'm Scared to walk from Geneva

    Yeah I loved it so much I am thinking of doing it again next spring! Possibly from Geneva again!
  10. Davey Boyd

    Hello, I'm Scared to walk from Geneva

    There is no need to carry a tent. Those I saw carrying a tent (myself included) were a minority. Those of us that did did so to cut costs. If you can afford accommodation every night there really is no need. If you walk from Geneva you will not be disappointed! Davey
  11. Davey Boyd

    Hello, I'm Scared to walk from Geneva

    Hello! I walked from Geneva to Santiago as my first Camino in 2015. Best thing I ever did. I wrote a blog with photos which you can find on this forum here Why not order your credential from the forum...
  12. Davey Boyd

    Where to start on Camino Frances for a shorter pilgrimage?

    For 14 days I would consider walking the full Camino Primitivo from Oviedo to Santiago. You will still meet plenty of people, it wont get very crowded and many consider it to be on of the most beautiful routes. Buen Camino Davey
  13. Davey Boyd

    Geneva to Le Puy

    I found the prices were about the same as the rest of France I walked (Le Puy to St Jean). I didn't linger in Geneva though, THAT was expensive! Luckily the French border is very close to Geneva (around 8km or so). The pilgrim infrastructure was pretty good. Lots of the usual Gites, but also...
  14. Davey Boyd

    Geneva to Le Puy

    Geneva to Le Puy is lovely! Here is the day to day blog I wrote after I walked it - with pictures - here on this forum Davey