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  1. David and Theresa

    Where is the steep and lengthen rocky (pebbles) descent?

    The decent into Roncesvalles (sic), is pretty steep and rocky also
  2. David and Theresa

    Madrid airport lodging

    Tach madrid, also has free airport shuttle
  3. David and Theresa

    Madrid airport lodging

    Rach madrid, has free airport shuttle
  4. David and Theresa

    You Tube Vlogs

    I like the you tube vlogs, but it seems that many of them are just a face in front of the camera. Turn it around and record where you are walking, your voice will still record
  5. David and Theresa

    Want to give back by Volunteering?? Looking for Volunteers?

    we would love to volunteer, where would I look to find out more info
  6. David and Theresa

    Medieval pilgrim

    People have asked me about the number of pics I take or the lack thereof, and I tell them that a lot of times I just dont feel like taking a picture, that what I see is just for me
  7. David and Theresa

    Pilgrims clothing

    I read a post, sometime a while back, on what the pilgrims of old were required to wear to signify they were pilgrims, can someone help me find, thanks in advance
  8. David and Theresa

    My wife and I would like info on how to apply to be a volunteer at the Pilgrims office, any...

    My wife and I would like info on how to apply to be a volunteer at the Pilgrims office, any advise would be appreciated . Thank you in advance for any advise , David and Theresa Lewis
  9. David and Theresa

    Has anyone used this credential/notebook?

    used it from SJPdP to Logrono, April 2018, Returned to the Camino , Logrono tp Santiago, used the standard passport, much lighter and more user friendly. Did get quite a few compliments on it though
  10. David and Theresa

    Walking The Camino Without Training. Fool's Errand?

    Hey dude, go for it, the walk from SJPdP to Roncesvailes on the Napolean route may be tough , but worth it, we stayed at Orrison, still tough, and I can relate to the extra baggage , I had to order an X large belt for my pack lol, tired, sore, and dragging into Roncesvailes late afternoon, after...
  11. David and Theresa

    Credential Misery

    This was a depressing post, got to the pilgrims office, stood in line for two hours, backpack outside in the rain, laughed and joked , loved every minute of the wait, Compostella and distance certificate promanently displayed in shadow box with passport full of stamps, blessed
  12. David and Theresa

    Sarria to SdC

    The 100 KM sign is just past Morgade, pilgrims office says Sarria is 116 km
  13. David and Theresa

    LIVE from the Camino Just before Pamplona

    Look forward to the pics, it was raining when we passed through there, wished we could have found a place to stay, we made it on into Pamplona,

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