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    If you have walked the Camino de Madrid

    Springtime 2019 at Santiago Church Madrid after overnighting in an AB&B in the Old Town. Continued up to Sahagun and switched to the Frances up to Leon. Switched again to Camino San Salvador to Oviedo, then a further switch to the Primitivo to see St James again. Thanks for asking, it brought...
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    "Nice Way" into Santiago

    Parachute? 🤪
  3. Davie Blisters

    Planning a “25 km or less” Camino on the Invierno

    Watching with interest! I'll be using this route into Santiago after completing the Levante. Hopefully 2022, but need to get the VDLP done first - after 3 aborted attempts (due to illness, family death and Covid). What could go wrong? 🤪
  4. Davie Blisters

    Pilgrim office in Santiago

    I think it depends who you see and how busy they are at the time. My last expedition included camino's Madrid, Frances, San Salvador & Primitivo. These were listed on the 'distance certificate' along with total km. Personally, I always look forward to see how my name is translated into Latin. I...
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    New entrance into Santiago from Monte de Gozo

    Unfortunately the design looks ripe for the Camino Graffiti Artists :(
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    Is the Donativo Camino Culture under Threat? Rebekah Scott shares her thoughts

    Thanks for this @Robo - its always interesting and provoking to watch your stuff! Davie
  7. Davie Blisters

    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Postponing Our Flights

    …....and just to add further gloom to the situation...….will the airline in question still be in operation to grant the refund?
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    The British monk at Sobrado

    Lawrence helped me in 2018 - as I arrived into town he took my backpack, so that I could watch England play a World Cup Football game on TV at the local bar. Post match I got to the Monastery and my pack had already been allocated a bed. Divine intervention I guess!
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    Camino Primitivo — Question about Borres

    I arrived early at the Albergue in Borres during July 2019 and picked up the key from the local bar. It's very basic with 19 bunks on the lower floor {upper floor was locked). Recall it had a microwave and 1 x shower - but was completo by 4pm. The bar was excellent (10 minutes away) with a...
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    Sara’s Mozarabe Video Blog (Almeria to Moclin) Jan 2020

    Well I've seen people burn their clothes in Finisterre - but I think you are now taking things to the extreme :p Looking forward to seeing your adventures in South America. Davie
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    Poll Where do you come from?

    This fella delivered me to Western Europe - we met again last summer in Coca on Camino Madrid. :p
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    Arroyos with stepping stones between Tres Cantos and Colmenar Viejo generally gives the choice of at least 3 alternative routes to avoid obstacles and a pair of crocs will also save you the extra kms. The previous villages will advise you on what to expect on the trail.

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