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Recent content by Deacon Harbey Santiago

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    Comment by 'Deacon Harbey Santiago' in media 'Santiago at Met'

    I would love to be able to read what it says in that placard. "Viva Cristo Rey!!" "Ya Rabbi Yasou!!" DHS
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    Comment by 'Deacon Harbey Santiago' in media 'Time for Reflection'

    In that same location, on Sept 11, 2014 me and my companion (A brother deacon) paused our walking to celebrate a remembrance service for the victims of 9/11, by reciting Morning Prayer. We were joined by a couple of Catholic students from Virginia, 1 Methodist peregrino from Iowa, one...
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    Comment by 'Deacon Harbey Santiago' in media 'Bridge Ourense taken on St Patrick's day'

    "Taken on St Patrick's day and posted for St Patrick's Day by an Irishman. " Is that why the bridge is upside down? :-) Happy St Patrick's Day!! "Viva Cristo Rey!!" "Ya Rabbi Yasou!!" DHS
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    Comment by 'Deacon Harbey Santiago' in media 'Serra da Labruja'

    Is this just before Rabanal? "Viva Cristo Rey!!" "Ya Rabbi Yasou!!" DHS
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    Camping Camping along the Camino Frances?

    If you are planning wild camping, keep an eye for signs which read "Coto de Caza", which loosely translates to "Hunting grounds" "Viva Cristo Rey!!" Deacon Harbey Santiago
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    Christmas Greetings from Pope Francis to the Curia in Rome

    With all due respect to your sources (Even if they are a branch of the Vatican) This is not what Francis said. Here is a translation of what he said (Which by the way it is the only time Francis names the Curia in his 15 reflection points). 1. The disease of being "immortal", "immune" or...
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    Christmas Greetings from Pope Francis to the Curia in Rome

    I've been looking for a good translation in English to use for a blog article but had failed so far. I Used Google translate to read the original which was quite revealing (Not what the media was reporting). Sadly I do not have time to tranlate the whole thing in Google and post so the blog...
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    Christmas Greetings from Pope Francis to the Curia in Rome

    Actually, this whole story has been misreported by the media. (Once again...Is anyone surprised?) What Francis did was lead the Curia into an conscience exam in preparation for the season of Christmas (For the Catholic Church we are in season of advent, a penitential season in which we are...
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    Honoring Fr. Elias Valina Sampedro

    Its amazing how many millions of people from all over the world owes a debt of gratitude to this man for his yellow arrows. May he rests in the merciful arms of God. "Viva Cristo Rey!!" DHS
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    You think the Camino Frances is busy? Try this...

    That looks like Sarria-SDC in a typical summer day. "Viva Cristo Rey!!" DHS
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    Pilgrim priest's advice

    Not from a priest but from a deacon :-) ... Don't pack tour fears. When you want to plan for every possible eventuality, you over-pack and end up leaving stuff for the next pilgrim. Try not to plan much and be flexible with the plans you have. Your Camino will take care of itself. "Viva...
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    Post-camino tattoo?

    I 've been looking for a good design and this might fit the ticket! Now all that is left is just to convince "she who must be obeyed" that this is in fact a good idea.
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    Leon to Santiago

    I started in Leon this pass September. My only regret about my camino was that I did not spend more time in this city. I would have loved exploring the Cathedral. I promised myself that next time I will sleep in Leon instead of Virgen del Camino.
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    Camino signs: do they happen to anyone else?

    Every time I write my name. :-) Deacon Harbey Santiago
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    Anglican Albergues?

    I beg to differ. Imagine for a second you visit an old friend. Someone you have not seen in a loooong time. They invite you to dinner at their house and you agree to the visit. As soon as you enter the house you notice the picture of a handsome young man and casually say "Its that your son...

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