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Recent content by Dennis D

  1. Dennis D

    Comment by 'Dennis D' in media 'First Look at Cirauqui'

    I am impressed - Astorga to El Acebo ? That would be a long day for me. I didn't walk my first Camino until I was 71. Try to go back when you have more days and see some of the places you missed. You have many years ahead of you to do that. Buen Camino Dennis
  2. Dennis D

    Comment by 'Dennis D' in media 'First Look at Cirauqui'

    Hey Capt, Six years? Sounds like it is time for you to get back there and do it again. Just watched Ivar's latest video. Looks like Spain is finally starting to open up. It is my intent to return next April. I miss the hot chocolate, fresh orange juice and fried eggs in the morning, the...
  3. Dennis D

    Comment by 'Dennis D' in media 'First Look at Cirauqui'

    A 40km walk in July is remarkable for two reasons. The temperature and the distance. You must be a much younger person than me. I believe that 28km was the longest I ever walked in one day. Maximum respect to you. Buen Camino
  4. Dennis D

    Comment by 'Dennis D' in media 'You deserve to enjoy St James Way with friends. You Deserve Spain'

    Thank you for keeping everyone on the Forum up to date. It is really appreciated.
  5. Dennis D

    Comment by 'Dennis D' in media 'Santiago mornings'

    Thank you Ivar for your weekly updates. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Someday soon it will be full of people and life in Santiago will be back to normal.
  6. Dennis D

    Comment by 'Dennis D' in media 'Meson Cowboy - El Ganso'

    Looking forward to seeing if the Meson Cowboy is still in business. Hopefully it will have a friendly manager who will make us thirsty Pilgrims welcome.
  7. Dennis D

    Comment by 'Dennis D' in media 'Camino begins at St Jean Pilgrims Office'

    I remember the first time I was greeted in SJPdP and received my first passport. Great memories, thanks for posting this photo Hopefully we can all return there again very soon.
  8. Dennis D

    Comment by 'Dennis D' in media '20180507_114647.jpg'

    Peter - Thank you for posting these. She will not be forgotten.
  9. Dennis D

    Comment by 'Dennis D' in media 'Slip and Slide'

    I hear that. The best thing about the Camino is that the conditions every year seems to be different. What was muddy one year was warm and dry the next. Every day always felt new. I'm pretending that 2020 never happened and look forward to getting back on the Camino next year. Buen Camino
  10. Dennis D

    Why do pilgrims carry on when it is really hard?

    The most difficult part of walking on the Camino is arriving in Santiago. I dread the feeling of the transition from being a Pilgrim to a tourist and the realization that it is over for now, is difficult for me to handle. What helps me is to have already made plans to return again next year...
  11. Dennis D

    Comment by 'Dennis D' in media 'Another part of the journey'

    Really nice shot Marilyn. Congratulations.
  12. Dennis D

    Comment by 'Dennis D' in media 'Coffee Break'

    Maybe we can safely all go back someday. I hope that they survive this mess.
  13. Dennis D

    Comment by 'Dennis D' in media 'Coffee Break in Zariquiegui'

    The wait and see approach is painful but what else can we do right now ? Many of the owners have become "friends" over the years. I think and worry about them every day. I like most everyone on this forum anxiously await the time when it is safe to return and walk again.
  14. Dennis D

    Comment by 'Dennis D' in media 'Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port'

    Best view yet. Great Shot.
  15. Dennis D

    Comment by 'Dennis D' in media 'The Descend to Acebo'

    I remember that feeling. The only thing more difficult than climbing down that hill to Moliniseca on a hot day, was cancelling my Camino for this year. I hope everyone who wants to walk in Spain can do it safely next year. I can't wait to wish everyone I see a Buen Camino again.