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  1. dgallen

    Evolution of the Albergue Paradigm

    Yes, this surprised me a bit too. I didn't expect ad hominem attacks on my motivation behind my initial post, but such is life in our brave new world. I do respect everyone's right to have their opinion and say, and I believe such shows passion as opposed to apathy. I love albergues (and...
  2. dgallen

    Evolution of the Albergue Paradigm

    The first comment to my original diatribe made me think a little, which in itself is sometimes a challenge but perhaps allow the opportunity for the primary reason for my post. Can the current and future albergue structure support pilgrim numbers? I think we all agree that COVID-19 has...
  3. dgallen

    Evolution of the Albergue Paradigm

    Looks like the post touched a nerve... good. That's what discussion boards are all about. Yes some responses are a bit harsh, but I'm a big boy and wasn't looking for plaudits to soothe my fragile ego. Anyway some points. Countries all over the world have structured parks systems that let...
  4. dgallen

    Evolution of the Albergue Paradigm

    As a result of COVID-19 and perhaps even changes of the Camino itself due to the ever expanding popularity and use on all routes, could this be the opportunity to evolve the Camino(s) as we know it? Picture this... being able to wake up from your tent bed and watch the sunrise from those awe...
  5. dgallen

    Poll When would you consider going back to the camino?

    No long distance air travel for me until there is a vaccine. As timing would have it I wanted to take a break this year (after 10 straight years of Caminos), and do canoe/camping/hiking here in Canada. I had also thought about the Lycian Way in Turkey or some of the shorter less crowded hikes...
  6. dgallen

    Transport along Primitivo

    Alsa has a bus route through Berducedo, Polla da Allande, and Grandas... not sure of connections or schedules but might help in your search.
  7. dgallen

    Snow in Burgos

    Rain, sleet, snow and high winds yesterday through the mountain pass at Acebo where you cross from Asturias into Galacia on the Primitivo. Snow this morning in Fonsgrada. Temp just above freezing. Tomorrow though and through next week temperatures in high teens and sun. Camino in April 😊
  8. dgallen

    Live - Camino Francés Easter Rush and the Meseta...

    Many thanks for the updates on the Primitivo... Will make the jump tomorrow.😊
  9. dgallen

    Live - Camino Francés Easter Rush and the Meseta...

    Yep will do. It would be my 3rd Primitivo so know the bed situation. Will probably drop an email to David at Bodenaya to see how busy he is... plus hopefully Easter crowds will have already passed through Oviedo through Lugo.
  10. dgallen

    Live - Camino Francés Easter Rush and the Meseta...

    Thirteen days in from an April 1st start and onward to the Meseta. When planning my camino I screwed up my dates and realized in horror that my arrival in Burgos was Saturday and the start of Easter week holidays. So staying in Burgos is not an option (hotels 3x the price if you can find one)...
  11. dgallen

    Live - Camino Francés One week in.. Logrono

    It is after 7pm in Logrono and was preparing to head out to my favourite tapas and wine in Spain, but big claps of thunder kept me in to blog for a few minutes. Staying at the Winederful Hostel in Logrono which I wrote about on the CF forum last year. Without a doubt the best hostel on the...
  12. dgallen

    ...and the Camino gets busier every year

    Im not saying prebook weeks in advance... If I know the place that day i want to get to is a noted choke point (ie limited beds), i call ahead that morning and see how busy they are. If it is a favourite albergue and they are busy then i book for that night. If i dont care i can just walk to...
  13. dgallen

    ...and the Camino gets busier every year

    Thx... Love the Primitivo and just looking for an excuse to switch over :)
  14. dgallen

    Prynees open

    Just shows you how much can change up in the mtns in a couple days. Monday and Tuesday had some very small patches of old snow on Roncesvalles side of the Napoleon trail, but clear. At least Orisson will have a few more days to compete their renovations. A few snow showers and drizzle...

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