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Camino Way Markers
Original Camino Way markers made in bronze. Two models, one from Castilla & Leon and the other from Galicia.
Original artwork based on your pilgrimage or other travel photos.

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  1. dgallen

    How to make the Camino more tent friendly. Ideas?

    I'm pleased to see that there is still some interest in a tenting option oh the Camino. Last May when COVID was just starting to take hold I started a topic about the existing Albergue/Hostel infrastructure would be challenged in the post COVID days (topic changes to the Albergue paradigm)...
  2. dgallen

    On the Camino: One Day at a Time, one Photo at a Time 4.0.

    Santiago Spring Fair at Dusk (Parque da Alameda with Igrexa de Santa Susana in background)
  3. dgallen

    On the Camino: One Day at a Time, one Photo at a Time 4.0.

    1. Lone horse on road entering Estella 2. Estella after rain shower 3. Foncebadon at dawn
  4. dgallen

    Lacing - Try preventing blisters, or the dreaded black toenail, with a “Heel Lock” or “Lace Lock”.

    It took me many Caminos to finally figure out my best solution for avoiding black toe nails, back of heel blisters and the like. I tried the various lace techniques, the Vaseline over the socks, larger toe box etc. but in the end I found by upsizing my boots by one whole size worked for me. I...
  5. dgallen

    Your favorite little bar on the Camino?

    Big thumbs up for the Taberna Antigua in Malaga. Favoured by the locals... pouring your beverage of choice from the cask and when ready to pay la cuenta, the bartender will write what you owe with chalk on the bar. Very civilized. Just around the corner from the very good "Lights" Hostel and...
  6. dgallen

    New find: light weight 800 fill down sleep sack/blanket

    Natural down bags and quilts are good things. They loft up to provide a layer of comfort/warmth and are generally lighter than their synthetic equivalents. The brand of the original posted sleeping bag is known for adequate quality and less expensive knockoffs, but be wary of the claims for...
  7. dgallen

    Theft in Leon and Logrono

    Old thread I know, but some valuable tips along the way. Whenever I travel and in particular places known for theft and pickpockets I carry a "dummy" wallet. Typically I use a souvenir wallet from the dollar store. I fill it with a few dollars of the local currency, a few old business...
  8. dgallen

    Thinking about tents

    I think you make an excellent point not only for the newbies, but experienced camino addicts and long distance hikers/campers as well. Two years ago I had decided to do a early spring (end of February through March) camino on the CF as a tune up to do the Lycian Way in Turkey through April...
  9. dgallen

    Thinking about tents

    As someone who has way too many tents, I've discovered you can get really good tents retailed at major outlets in North America, Europe and Asia at the $300-$400 mark (watch for those sales!), that are very light but also durable. Plus tents in this range typically have colour coded poles that...
  10. dgallen

    Thinking about tents

    To each their own. I like how it all connects together and balances, without fear of tipover. Great for novices like me. There is even a hanging attachment, useful in deep snow or even "somewhat" safely and using in a tent (high winds, torrential rains with tent - note when tent will not be...
  11. dgallen

    Thinking about tents

    Jetboils not the best solution for through hikes because they rely on propane fuel canisters, but perfect for well supplied walks like the camino. I use my MSR pocket rocket when canoe tripping, and my MSR Whisperlite Universal in countries where disposable propane canisters are not easily...
  12. dgallen

    Thinking about tents

    Take a look at a jetboil (goggle search and you'll find almost every outdoor retailer has them or something similar). Quite light with Integrated cup/pot, stove and fuel. You can get a cheap coffee press for it. Also good for soups, stews, pasta, ramen anything that can be boiled. You'll...
  13. dgallen

    Thinking about tents

    Quick two cents worth. Now is an excellent time to buy a quality tent at significant discounts as retailers try to get rid of inventory to bring out new models, while sales are lacking due to COVID. My criteria for a lightweight tent includes: tents that ventilate well, have a fly and...
  14. dgallen

    Transport along Primitivo

    Alsa has a bus route through Berducedo, Polla da Allande, and Grandas... not sure of connections or schedules but might help in your search.
  15. dgallen

    Snow in Burgos

    Rain, sleet, snow and high winds yesterday through the mountain pass at Acebo where you cross from Asturias into Galacia on the Primitivo. Snow this morning in Fonsgrada. Temp just above freezing. Tomorrow though and through next week temperatures in high teens and sun. Camino in April 😊