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The big map o the Caminos de Santiago

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  1. dgallen

    Primitivo Weather... what was yours like?

    I think that's a good plan... and to do the Finisterre and Muxia circuit is the icing on the cake. David C is https://www.facebook.com/david.carricondosalcedo
  2. dgallen

    What Is The Most Useful & Usless Item You Packed

    Useful - old pillow case. Your albergue pillow may have seen 100's of drooling, sneezing pilgrims. Also gets used for dirty clothes bag. Useless - heavy paper or book based guides. There are so many free Camino guides for the phone these days. Or if you must have, scan the paper to pdf.
  3. dgallen

    Live - Camino Francés Weather - Don't believe every thing you read...

    You should be good as long as the clothes are quick dry. I bring a pair of gortex rain pants too, to wear on rainy days (not over my zip off pants). Youll find regular pants get soaked where poncho ends and pants begin, and then water pours directly into ankles of shoes. I like my rain pants...
  4. dgallen

    Primitivo Weather... what was yours like?

    Oops forgot about last year while walking through the Cantabrian Mountain pass into Galicia we encountered a 2 hr mini snow blizzard. I was wearing my poncho over my shorts... 4km later it was sunny and dry and I was back to a t-shirt. Also that time of spring the wild horses on the Hospital...
  5. dgallen

    Tablet for a Newbie?

    Samsung Tab A with 8 inch screen for me. Really thin and light. Under $200 dollars. Great GPS and long lasting battery. Great screen size for reading books, maps, editing photos, facebook, emails etc. I have a 200gb SD card so I can download all my photos as well as maps.me and Google maps...
  6. dgallen

    Primitivo Weather... what was yours like?

    Mid April in both 2016 and 2017. Weather excellent. No snow and in fact good tanning. A bit of rain as showers on a couple of days. Last year walked near the dam a day after the fires and the surrounding forest was still smoldering. The day b4 we watched helicopters dropping water from the...
  7. dgallen

    Live - Camino Francés Weather - Don't believe every thing you read...

    Too good to last... the rains have come in the Burgos area. Yesterday was a steady light drizzle with a few bands of harder rain and this morning on and off showers but has cleared up tonight. Trails continue to be pretty good on the gravel infused or groomed areas with the usual puddles to...
  8. dgallen

    Compeed Blister Plasters... Pro/Con

    Avoid using them on back of heels. Lots of pressure from boots and they burst, spilling the internal gooey yuck which wrecks socks
  9. dgallen

    Which Etapas of CF do you recommend to walk NOW?

    Check my recent postings in the Live forum. Pamplona makes sense to me. Even better if you are getting a bus in and you can walk the 4km from the bus station to Cizur Menor where the albergue is open. Next day it's 16km to Puente La Reina and then next day 20km to Estella etc. Tracks we're...
  10. dgallen

    Live - Camino Francés March Camino... Surprises and Delights

    Pamplona to Burgos. I should be two stages back, but my much loved boots turned my right back heel to pulp, so had to bus forward from Belorado to Burgos. Bummer since the Belorado to San Juan de Ortega stage is one favs although the walk into Burgos next day, not so much. First thing after...
  11. dgallen

    Only 14 days to walk on the Norte (sadly) - which section would you recommend?

    Agree with Primitivo 1000% Perfect amount of days to get to SDC and even time to spend a day in the excellent Oviedo. I did like the first 14 days on the Norte from Irun, but moving on to the Primitivo was a relevation.
  12. dgallen

    Snow Closed the Camino France’s?

    I agree with the above. I'm in Logrono now and despite daily forecasts of rain, only rainfall has occurred at night.. l started in Pamplona and pilgrims who started a few days before me talked of closure of SJpdP to Rsvx and some tough weather. But Ive only seen some spotty ice near tne top...
  13. dgallen

    Trail magic on the Camino

    I'm thinking sainthood. How often I've thought about frozen Marguerita in the middle of baking Camino. Oh and if the wishes are still open some nice fresh nachos por favor
  14. dgallen

    Live - Camino Francés Weather - Don't believe every thing you read...

    Yep, I've read here that they're getting rocked with rain on the VDLP. I was posting that for the past week the CF had rain predicted every day. Ive updated my Live from the Camino Frances post to only reflect my current experience on the CF. Right now in Logrono it is clear blue sky. But it...
  15. dgallen

    Toe nails

    If you google black toenails and backcountry via youtube you'll find an excellent video on tne best way to tie boots to prevent damaging feet. I lose toenails every Camino (Camino toes) but have updated my shoe tying technique and it has made a huge difference.

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