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  1. dgassa

    Spanish Airport Strikes have started and one has ended

    I bet won’t happen. They announce strikes every year, then they settle
  2. dgassa

    My New Camino Marker

    Here's mine which I made myself.
  3. dgassa

    Blogger help!

    I just tested it with two photos and it worked fine. See at GASSAWAYS Adventures
  4. dgassa

    Blogger help!

    Blog Touch Pro, unless something has changed, but the problem with it is that it won’t do some functions like scroll. What I do is write my post in “Pages” and paste it to the app. As for photos, it works fine, at least a couple of months ago when I last posted on my log
  5. dgassa

    Funniest Camino Picture

    In Herrerias, 2015
  6. dgassa

    Who is trashing the Camino with the graffiti phrase ‘melted rubber humans ‘

    I wrote about this in my blog. Time For A Rant
  7. dgassa

    List your pilgrim blog URL Here - we want to read your story

    Ok, here's mine, includes my 2015 Camino and the current Camino starting tomorrow April 8 walkingmycamino.blogspot.com
  8. dgassa

    List your pilgrim blog URL Here - we want to read your story

    After having to cancel last year due to illness, we a getting read to go this year. Read and follow along. www.walkingourcamino.blogspot.com
  9. dgassa

    What is it?

    This dome structure is along the Camino near Belorado, I think. What is it?
  10. dgassa

    Court Ordered Camino

    I know in past times, Courts would make someone walk the Camino instead of going to jail or some other punishment for crimes committed. But is this true today? In Spain could a young adult say be sentenced to probation and made to walk the Camino instead of some other punishment.?
  11. dgassa

    Walking the Valcarlos route

    Anyone one stayed in one of the two hotels in Valcarlos? I found an e-mail for one of them but never get a response. Are there other options for overnight in Valcarlos besides the albergue?
  12. dgassa

    Pilgrims (video)

    I don't know what it said. I looked at other photos I took and the writing is covered for the most part. He was walking from somewhere in Spain and was retuning from Santiago when I saw him.
  13. dgassa

    Pilgrims (video)

    I walked the Camino Frances in the spring of 2015 and met so many pilgrims from all over the world. During this Christmas season I have taken time to remember those I met with great fondness. In doing so I made this short video.

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