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Recent content by Dickwilbur

  1. Dickwilbur

    How the Via Francigena is Different from the Camino de Santiago

    Not to brag, but I have walked the VF in it's entirety, twice. First time 2014 and again in 2017. I mention this only in the context of growth of the VF. The difference between the two walks in terms of other pilgrim contact was significantly higher the second time. 2014 a total of 15, 12 of...
  2. Dickwilbur

    Santiago To Rome

    Like I said, postponed. Haven't done it yet
  3. Dickwilbur

    Santiago To Rome

    Circumstances intervened and i have had to postpone for a year. Probably now starting from Rome. Intended route was del sud to Bari, ferry to Durres then via Egnatia and Sufi trail after which it was going to be made up as i went
  4. Dickwilbur

    Donativo Alburgues

    Judging by the responses, I have opened a can of worms here. I don't take the 'likes' as agreement with my views. For further clarification of my position. I am volunteering my services as someone with a construction background and am helping in that capacity, not as a hospitaliero. I think...
  5. Dickwilbur

    Donativo Alburgues

    For clarity. The alburgue has no issues,. This is me, expressing my opinion. Feel free to take offense at me but leave the alburgue out of it
  6. Dickwilbur

    Donativo Alburgues

    Having calmed a bit since I first posted in a hot flush of indignation. It bought to mind the protocol on the via francigena in Italy where and explanation of the running costs crystallised into the cost per person, they suggest a figure and make clear an option of labour as an alternative is...
  7. Dickwilbur

    Donativo Alburgues

    I am frankly tee'd off at the behaviour of some pilgrims/tourigrinos/cheap holiday itinerants. I stayed in a well known alburgue eleven days ago and am now back here as a volunteer. Having a chat with other voluntarios who have been here longer than I, I was given a resume of what tends to be...
  8. Dickwilbur

    Santiago To Rome

    Ahh, we shall not pass, leaving from Santander 6th May to Santiago then following in your footsteps and onward to Jerusalem
  9. Dickwilbur

    Santiago To Rome

    When are you intending to leave Jill?
  10. Dickwilbur

    Invierno in reverse

    Many thanks for the helpful responses
  11. Dickwilbur

    Invierno in reverse

    Anyone walked the invierno in reverse from SdeC? Am looking to use this route as part of my trek from SdeC to Jerusalem next year. Info on the ease of following against the arrows would be welcome
  12. Dickwilbur

    Junta albergue kitchens

    Last walked in Galicia in 2015. At the time most Junta alberges had great looking kitchens, but no equipment provided to use them, I.e. no pots, pans, utensils. Is this still the case?
  13. Dickwilbur

    Comment by 'Dickwilbur' in media 'Pig Ears in Ourense'

    Aaah. Ourense will always remind me of pigs ears. Couldn't eat a half racion to myself though
  14. Dickwilbur

    Passport from the Confraternity of Pilgrims to Rome

    If you are starting from Canterbury, you can get them from the office opposite the main door to the cathedral for £2.00. Well you could in 2014. Not enough space for the stamps you will accumulate if you are going all the way to Rome though. I wish I had bought two as I cant make out half the...
  15. Dickwilbur

    Wide hiking boots/shoes.

    Meindl. Expensive but worth the cost. Just did 10 days on Mozarabe from Malaga to Cordoba. Like walking on air. Very wide at the front and excellent ankle support. They have some wonderful technology that moulds the boot to you on first wearing. Best I've ever had