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Recent content by DjennyHeart

  1. DjennyHeart

    What´s the bed bug situation on vdlp?

    Hey... I am on Via de la Plata right now... a few days in... and it is once again absolutely wonderful!!! My only fear is bed bugs.... all the other pilgrims have walked the Frances... and so they have bed bug horror stories. I walked the vdlp before and never had this issue (knock on wood)...
  2. DjennyHeart

    Anyone walking VDLP mid May 2017? Well, I Am!!! Woohooo!!!!

    What experience are you referring to? I am walking soon, but pay little attention to what is going on....
  3. DjennyHeart

    Via de la plata walking alone? Is it safe?

    I started my Camino in Sevilla alone, but along the way met pilgrims and mostly did not walk alone. I never felt unsafe. The only issues I found were the occasional dogs... but they didn't do anything...and if you go in the spring possibly LOTS of Rain. I left Sevilla March 21 2013, the first 2...
  4. DjennyHeart

    walking the via de la plata in winter

    Thanks for your informative posts... I am in Sevilla now, and starting my Camino in two days. I am very excited... and also wondering what I have gotten myself into :P Jenny.
  5. DjennyHeart

    Starting VDLP on 21st. Last minute updates/advice?

    HEY!!!! I am starting my VdLP Camino on March 21st from Sevilla. If anyone has any news/updates (closed albergues... the flooding I heard about... etc) or advice I would greatly appreciate it. Starting to get very excited/nervous.... Buen Camino All Jenny.
  6. DjennyHeart

    26 yr old female walking March 2013

    I am planning on leaving SJPdP on the 20th of March as well! Looking forward to walking with some amazing folks :) Buen Camino, Jenny.
  7. DjennyHeart

    Starting to question whether Frances Route is right for me!?

    What an inspiring group of people on this forum :) Thank you everyone. I feel like these comments are just what I needed to take a step back from my pre-camino anxiety... and remember that no matter what I choose I will be making the Right Choice... and it is what I do with that choice that...
  8. DjennyHeart

    Starting to question whether Frances Route is right for me!?

    Hi, I have been researching, dreaming, planning for a spring 2013 camino for almost a year now... But I am starting to question whether the Frances route is the right one for me. Why I am questioning: 1. I dislike rain (perhaps spring anywhere is rainy?) 2. I want a more solitary experience...
  9. DjennyHeart

    Christmas Greetings.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and New Years. Wishing you all health, happiness and good luck in the coming year. Warm thoughts to all from cold and snowy Canada :D Jenny.
  10. DjennyHeart

    Sending Guitar Ahead to Santiago

    Hi. I have seen posts on sending stuff ahead to Santiago de Compostela... But is it possible to send a guitar case to Santiago? How long will they keep something? I plan on taking 40-45 days from SJPdP to Santiago. I want the guitar post-camino- hence why I want it to be available to me at the...
  11. DjennyHeart

    26 yr old female walking March 2013

    Hi! i am also planning to start my Camino frances portion end of March.. around the 21st (I am hoping to walk some of the jakobsweg in Germany before this) starting in SJPdP... I think it will be a really wonderful time to start. When are you planning on beginning your journey? good luck and...
  12. DjennyHeart

    Postponement of Camino Journey

    Sending you the MOST POSITIVE VIBES!!! Your daughter is blessed to have your love and support during this time... and once she is fully clear of this, you can go on a Camino of gratitude... I will keep you, your daughter and all that surround you in my prayers. Jenny.
  13. DjennyHeart

    Coastal route starting in Lisbon??

    Thanks to both of you! I just thought I would put it out there to the universe... I have ideas/ plans/dreams... for seemingly every camino route :D But I have yet to be certain which one I will take.. As of now, I know I will be in Europe in March, plan to walk the Jakobsweg in Germany from...
  14. DjennyHeart

    Coastal route starting in Lisbon??

    I have seen that there is a coastal option from Porto onwards... but is there the option of walking the coast from Lisbon to Porto? I really love the coast of Portugal and would love to see it again by foot if possible... with a few scheduled bus/train trips inland to see some of the places I'd...
  15. DjennyHeart

    Farmers Markets/ Town Markets Along The Way.

    Cool Falcon! Nice to be picking up a bit of info ... Sooo looking forward to my Camino experience! JEnny