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Recent content by Don Camillo

  1. Don Camillo

    COVID Covid and bathroom availability in Spain

    My guess is that there is a balance to be had somewhere here. Walk a Southern Camino late August early September and the chances are that 2+lt of water and a couple of cold ones during a walking day will evaporate out with no recourse to tree's, invisibility cloaks or the risk of a 15 minute...
  2. Don Camillo

    Origin of the yellow arrows

    Fully accept the story of the origin of "Yellow Arrows" in relation to the camino's but they are not unique to those pathways. In UK our long distance footpaths used to be marked with an acorn symbol. Our local walks are signed with official fingerposts which, around my neck of the woods at...
  3. Don Camillo

    COVID Lockdowns

    In respect of the negative PCR test 72 hours before travel/entry requirement. In the scheme of things what constitutes "inconvenience", I have been sat around doing nothing much over the last 12 months, a lot of others have had even worse situations foisted on them by Covid. That is the real...
  4. Don Camillo

    Just saw this. Don't count on Easter Camino.

    I meant it was good news for the fact that they want to open their doors to us. Accepted that nothing is going to happen anytime soon. I have now been able to book my covid jabs - 1st scheduled end of March, 2nd early June so as I suspected people of my age group 55+ will not be certificated...
  5. Don Camillo

    Just saw this. Don't count on Easter Camino.

    "Watch and Wait", pilgrim's, "Watch and Wait". Good news re Portugal (and Cyprus) but again reality bites. From a UK angle - I hope to get my jab later this month. I then have to wait 12 weeks for the second one. Then a further week or two to get a digital certificate to prove same - that's the...
  6. Don Camillo

    Legalities of knives in Spain and France

    For UK readers on the way to the airport when we all get back to some sort of normality. "I have in my possession officer an Opinal number 7 . Being diligent and observant you will of course check the blade and see that it is just under 3 inches long so legal. You will note that the offending...
  7. Don Camillo

    What is your perspective on this rather metaphysical question?

    Similar thoughts a couple of years ago but reality bites. It was new's a couple of weeks ago that Spain would require a provable income of £24 K (per adult) a year in order to settle in the country. Your finance's are your business alone but for a retiring Brit this means that the the state...
  8. Don Camillo

    Good News :) in dark times

    Excellent website, useful and thoughtful resource - easy to navigate even for me. Thanks for the link, I will certainly be using it when I finally get to walk Camino in Portugal. Don.
  9. Don Camillo

    Washing Your Sleeping Bag on Camino?

    I took a lightweight (1 klg) down sleeping bag on my first camino (CF , early April) and had to use it as a duvet as it was too warm in Albergues. I later used it with my bivvi outside and it was not warm enough. After my second camino I ruined it by trying to wash it in a washing machine. Since...
  10. Don Camillo

    N S DEL PILAR or St James the prequel

    And another... button in centre of picture.
  11. Don Camillo

    N S DEL PILAR or St James the prequel

    An attempt at one of the photos
  12. Don Camillo

    N S DEL PILAR or St James the prequel

    Sunday 24th September 2018. Ruta de La Lana, north of Palazuelos, a coin hot under the midday sun on a sandy farm track. It caught my eye, dull bronze against light sand, regular outline against irregular stone. This though was not a coin but a button. A cursory visual scan revealed three...
  13. Don Camillo

    UK residents could be banned from travelling to Europe after 1st January

    Restrictions on travel due to Covid are common sense and will pan out eventually. EU restrictions on Brit's travelling simply mean that we will be joining many others with a "90 days in a rolling 180" policy. This will effect me just as it will effect every other Brit who was lucky enough to be...
  14. Don Camillo

    Post covid.camino

    A recent lockdown read was "The Crossway" by Guy Stagg published 2018/19. He walked the Via Francigena from Canterbury to Rome and kept on going until he reached Jerusalem. That took him 10 month's. Before reaching Jerusalem he walked down through Syria, full marks to him but not an endeavour to...
  15. Don Camillo

    Why so many green doors in Spain?

    "With an open heart and quiet mind there are no door's". I saw this on either a door or window of a house in Herrerias, at the bottom of the "hill" on the way up to O'Cebreiro on the CF. It made the journal so gave me something to think about on that long slog to the top. Don.