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  1. donalomahony

    My journey to the Camino

    Go for it! Buen Camino!
  2. donalomahony

    Norte-Crowded in May 2018

    I hope the weather is kind.
  3. donalomahony

    Lost SAN Juan de Ortega sleeping bag

    Yes, across N Europe, temperatures are low at the moment. A light weight Sleeping Bag is a good idea.
  4. donalomahony

    Physical Recovery

    I walked my first Camino in 2013. I am not over it yet. I have returned Summer and Winter, multiple times. Sorry, it may not pass. You may not get back to yourself. But, hey! What a future!
  5. donalomahony

    Via Alpina Pilgrimage

    wonderful video! Watch!
  6. donalomahony

    Taxi Share 2018 TAXI SHARE Thread Biarritz/Bayonne to SJPP

    https://www.expressbourricot.com/ Highly recommended by most! I have used them twice. No problems. Book in advance. Cost is fixed and divided by no. of passengers. Can be as low as €12 pp They try hard to fill the minibus.
  7. donalomahony

    Is it busy at the moment - Camino Frances?

  8. donalomahony

    Bridge from Ferrol to Fene

    I have taken the bridge twice. Never an issue in Pilgrim Office in Santiago once you have the requisite 2 stamps per day.
  9. donalomahony

    Camino from Vienna to Santiago in 4000 km

    Thanks for the update! Yes, the Alps will be “interesting” for you!
  10. donalomahony

    Lourdes to SJPP

    Have a look at this thread also. Lots of info here. Scroll right through it! https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/threads/has-anyone-started-in-lourdes-and-walked-to-st-jean-pied-de-port.23497/
  11. donalomahony

    11 days in June - To Santiago by C. Ingles, Ourense or Sarria

    Some more in relation to the Dingle reference above Efforts under way to save Other Voices church in Dingle. Church of St James with reference to Santiago https://www.rte.ie/news/munster/2018/0421/956201-dingle/
  12. donalomahony

    The right credencial?

    If you are in Burgos go to the Municipal Albergue near the Cathedral and you will get one there.
  13. donalomahony

    Volunteering in Santiago

    Original post is from 2012, but this one is bang up to date! https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/threads/volunteering-in-the-pilgrim-office-at-santiago.52794/
  14. donalomahony

    Getting to Astorga from Ireland.

    I did exactly as Mark last July. Dublin Madrid. Airport shuttle bus to T4. ALSA (bus company) terminus at T4. Sales desk there also (times vary). Bus to Astorga. Enjoy!


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