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    Internt Access on the Camino Frances

    Blast from the past indeed!
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    Sara's 2018 Via de la Plata video blog

    Sarah got her charger, but you will have to watch her latest video.... and for us in .ie it’s time to sleep!
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    Bilbao to Belorado
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    Burgos to Leon

    Magnificent. Start just before first light and enjoy! “The lark in the clear air” comes to mind!
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    Medical Insurance

    Explore this thread
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    Paris to Lourdes then ST. Jean

    Have a look at this thread Scroll up to the start for lots of information
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    Snow... But Just Barely!

    Well done and thanks for blogging your journey. for anyone who has not checked in
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    travel insurance

    Make sure it lasts for the length of your time away. Many policies only allow 30 days in one trip. The Frances from SJPP may take you longer to walk than 30 days.
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    walking the vdlp april 2018

    Have a look at the clips from Sara on YouTube. She is walking it at the moment and posts a 2 to 4 minute clip most evenings. There are 15 days of viewing as of this AM. BON CAMINO
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    Stray agressive dogs in Brea between A Salceda and Santa Irene

    Original post is from August 2016.
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    Seminario Menor closed in Santiago

    @ivar issue here with 2008 post appearing on Live on camino thread
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    Sara's 2018 Via de la Plata video blog

    Nice vlogs! Buen Camino!
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    Can I buy hiking stuff on the way?

    I guess you are walking the Camino Frances? If yes, the answer to your question is Yes! Not everywhere but certainly every few days. From memory SJPP, Zubiri, Estella, Pamplona, Carrión, Burgos, Leon, Astorga, Sarria, Santo Domingo and more. A few Albergues sell small hiking essentials like...
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    Internet along the camino frances !

    The resurrection of some of these old threads is a fascinating insight into how some things have changed! And how some things have not!


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