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Recent content by Donna Sch

  1. Donna Sch

    What did you love best about walking la Plata?

    The VdlP was my first because I wanted to follow the Roman road and it did not disappoint. The people, the history, the food, the scenery, the joy. The hard moments taught me a lot about myself and the 5 years since have been very different to what I think they would have been. And the beauty of...
  2. Donna Sch

    If you were to choose your Camino based on the food?

    VDLP. The food was fantastic. The jamon. And don't forget to look out for snails on the menu early on because you won't see them north of Merida as a rule. (Although I did have them in Toledo on the Levante). Any camino that takes in Salamanca or Zamora is a good bet. Those great wines (and...
  3. Donna Sch

    Virtual Camino Virtual walk on the VdlP (planning while in confinement)

    Troubadours by Donna, on Flickr
  4. Donna Sch

    https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/threads/camino-mixto-feb-mar-2019-levante.60120/ is...

    https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/threads/camino-mixto-feb-mar-2019-levante.60120/ is the link. Happy Camino planning!
  5. Donna Sch

    COVID Forum Members and COVID-19 Illness

    Those tests are nasty. I had to have one just before Easter as I picked up the most pathetic scratchy throat and a headache. I'm a HCW so I scored a compulsory test and a couple of days working from home until I fully recovered. We have one of the lowest rates of Covid19 in the world so I was...
  6. Donna Sch

    COVID Fuenterroble hostel is hosting a baker's dozen of pilgrims who got stuck on VDLP

    The Camino definitely provided for these pilgrims. But when I saw where it was, I was not surprised. Remember this is the albergue with Hebrews 13:2 above the door: "Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares."
  7. Donna Sch

    LIVE from the Camino OzAnnie jumps on Levante from Toledo (with help from friends )

    Glad you liked the hotel Annie! We got the most hideous day when we walked to Gotarrendura but the walk itself was great. The albergue there is great. The bar was closed last year so if someone has reopened it, that's fantastic.
  8. Donna Sch

    LIVE from the Camino OzAnnie jumps on Levante from Toledo (with help from friends )

    Stop in Cebreros. Lovely day if you break it up and Cebreros is a nice wee town to stay in especially after the climb at the end. And there is a lot of elevation if you continue which is fine but not my idea of fun at all if you try to cram it all into one day. If you like starting super early...
  9. Donna Sch

    Sanabres - Is it possible?

    Just make sure you eat in Rio Negro. Would be a shame to miss the delights of Me gusta comer.
  10. Donna Sch

    COVID Opening a coronavirus thread for forum discussion

    Given that many of the Spanish cases in Valencia were in Milan for that football match. For the Aussies here, Australia has reciprocal health agreements with the following countries which will cover you for acute care: United Kingdom, Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Malta, Italy...
  11. Donna Sch

    If you don’t want to walk 38 km from Carcaboso to Aldeanueva del Camino

    Back in 2015 the albergue turistico in Baños was owned by the chap from Rio Lobos who also owns Galisteo. He at one point also owned the Fishing Lodge at the Embalse. We on purpose decided to avoid the albergue in Baños to spread the economic love around rather than feed the monopoly.
  12. Donna Sch

    Dealing with nostalgia?

    Comparison is the thief of Joy.
  13. Donna Sch

    Dealing with nostalgia?

    This time last year I was doing the Levante and of course the photos keep popping up on my FB memories. When you are stuck at work and the usual day to day drudgery is happening, it can do a number on your head even temporarily. I was lucky in that I had a work trip away and unexpectedly it was...
  14. Donna Sch

    Baños de Montemayor - Should we stop here?

    Banos is where I used the hot baths and had a massage at very cheap Pilgrim rates. Didn't stay at the private albergue but at the hotel on the main street which was pleasant. We had stayed at the Hostal Asturias and it was a very hot day. We reached Aldeanueva by morning tea time so went on to...

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