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Recent content by Doug Delfeld

  1. Doug Delfeld

    Reflecting on my Camino

    Welcome Zordmot, Thank you for sharing your observations. They aren’t unique but not everyone can see that in themselves I found that the one thing on the Camino, and in Life , is NOT to have expectations. They color everything and so much of the time we are disappointed!! I’ve learned over...
  2. Doug Delfeld

    Attracting attention with my face mask

    I too ordered mine and am waiting. I’m from Cleveland, Ohio but am in Phoenix Az visiting grand baby and can’t wait to get home and try on mine. I’m praying for the day when Spain opens up forAmericans to enter again. Buen Camino to those of you who are now able to enter and walk again.
  3. Doug Delfeld

    Reservations for 2021

    IT is also a mystery to me as to what will happen in 2021. But I am confident that we will be on the Camino next year. I have realized my desire is to be on the Camino and not necessarily walking. so I have decided to volunteer in and Albergue to give back and still be a part of the...
  4. Doug Delfeld


    Thank you Bob from LA, That was a moment of hope in the dark world of COVID . I feel a bit more blessed for the hope of returning to the Camino as I am going through chemo and will be done by the end of 2020. So my return to health should coincide with the opening of travel and the Camino. I...
  5. Doug Delfeld

    Such a long walk

    Reading the posts keeps me in touch with the single most impactful event in my life after becoming a follower of Jesus Christ. And the Camino has given me a purpose second to none! I first did the CF in 2013 and ever since I have been been looking at my life with different eyes.i remember...
  6. Doug Delfeld

    creative virtual camino anyone?

    What a great idea. Our last full Camiño we were in SJPdP down by the water faucet and we found a wallet. No one was around so we wrote a note and left it by the water faucet and we went to the pilgrims office. We stood there for over an hour calling out the women’s name . All of a sudden a women...
  7. Doug Delfeld

    Spain at 22.00 (10pm) last night...

    It’s so cool that in Spain people live mostly in close proximity of buildings and pisos. They can open their balcony door and interact!! in America we live in seclusion and it makes it harder to all interact!! In any event we are praying for safety and success of all workers and efforts to...
  8. Doug Delfeld

    What do you do when you cannot walk anymore?

    Since my first CF in2013 I have been obsessed with it returning 3 more times. I’m married and must consider my wife with each return. I have had many physical setbacks over the years no the least of which I’m now 76. I think daily about what if a can’t walk it any more. My mind goes to mule or...
  9. Doug Delfeld

    Any chances to volunteer at albergues?

    So sorry but what is the ACC and how do I contact them. Thank you Dboy
  10. Doug Delfeld

    Seize the day and Happy New Year

    Happy new Year to all of you on this forum. I have enjoyed all your participation and help over the years . I wish for you’all a Buen Camino in years to come and for those of you in Cleveland Ohio let’s connect. Blessings, Deboy
  11. Doug Delfeld

    Free Camino ebook giveaway

    Hi I think I am sending you my email!Thanks Doug Delfeld
  12. Doug Delfeld

    Quick “The Way” synopses (and tribute)

    It brings me to tears. I went to a screening in 2010 of a movie??? Didn’t know anything about. At the end of the movie the lights went up and there in the first row were Martin Sheen and Emilio Estovez. They were promoting The Way and they did a Q&A for 1/2 and hour. It took us 3 years to get it...
  13. Doug Delfeld

    Missing out

    If we can live our lives with NO expectations we will open our selves to what ever”The Camino- Life” has to offer. And won’t miss those moments we didn’t expect.
  14. Doug Delfeld

    Missing out

    Hi BartM, Thanks for sharing. I too are hard of hearing and wear hearing aids and in large groups it’s difficult to discern multiple Hi conversations. I think you were blessed to have had your “ first” Camino to be a contemplative one. Many many people never get that experience.. that’s a good...
  15. Doug Delfeld

    Will it EVER slow down?

    Thank you for all the input on volunteering. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time and hope to be able to in the near future.