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  • dougfitz
    dougfitz reacted to Arn's post in the thread The FORUM...means what to you? with Like Like.
    Isn't “Church” where you enter into a comfortable place, sit among like minded people, partake of food and drink divinely prepared and depart refreshed and ready to take on the world? Buen “Here I am Lord! Is this a pub, or a Church?” Camino Arn
  • dougfitz
    dougfitz reacted to Tincatinker's post in the thread Questions from first timer with Like Like.
    Students of allusion may enjoy an internet search for “the doughnut in granny’s greenhouse”. My favourite fragment of sanitary history relates to the Royal Oak pub at Hooksway on the South Downs Way. Late in the 1890’s at a hearing before the...
  • dougfitz
    dougfitz reacted to Natcats's post in the thread Morton's Neuroma with Like Like.
    I got my two neuromas (one on either foot) in the army, running for years in too-tight shoes. I tried everything except the surgery, and only three things helped: 1) the calf stretches this specialist suggests, 2) metatarsal pads (the felt or...
  • dougfitz
    dougfitz reacted to trecile's post in the thread Pacer poles with Like Like.
    I had never used poles (or a backpack) before I started researching the Camino on the forum. It seemed to me that Pacer Poles were idiot proof, so I figured that they were for me! 😅They are the only poles that I have ever used.
  • dougfitz
    dougfitz reacted to Camino Chrissy's post in the thread Pacer poles with Like Like.
    I have such good results with standard hiking poles that I have never had a reason to check out pacer poles, although they are loved by many who use them.
  • dougfitz
    dougfitz reacted to henrythedog's post in the thread Pacer poles with Like Like.
    Designed and supplied only by the Rhodes family just up the road from me in Windermere, Cumbria UK. Personally I can’t get on with pacer poles, but various family and friends swear by them.
  • dougfitz
    dougfitz reacted to Jimmy Smith's post in the thread Who wants an Ivar (Forum) pin? with Like Like.
    Why? A badge is a means of recognition A patch is what you use to repair a hole in your trousers. 😉😁
  • dougfitz
    The only reason to wash a down sleeping bag on the Camino is to evacuate bedbugs. 🐜🐜🐜 I wash mine every 1-2 years because I kept it clean by wearing base layer pyjamas. A liner would work just as well. 😴
  • dougfitz
    dougfitz reacted to Raggy's post in the thread Washing Your Sleeping Bag on Camino? with Like Like.
    A liner can be washed and dried en route. Outside of Galicia, most albergues provide blankets, and I can manage with just a liner unless we're talking about November to March. If I do use my sleeping bag, I put the liner inside. have never seen a...
  • dougfitz
    dougfitz reacted to Tincatinker's post in the thread Do top bunks stop bed bugs? with Like Like.
    @BombayBill that's a tricky question. Permethrin sprays of various strengths are on sale in Spain but mainly in Veterinary and animal husbandry outlets (in most of which you can also buy excellent wine and cheese but that's an aside). Arguably...