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Recent content by ehaldenb

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    Loss of Body Weight

    I lost about 10 lbs. I had issues with nausea for the first week which inhibited me from eating normally. When I got into a routine, I discovered that a high-fiber and high-protein and overall high-calorie morning meal was absolutely essential. 7 Granola bars between 8am-12pm was normal (I am a...
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    Which Camino should I take?

    I have to second everything you just said...take the E-9 (love it!) and sleep at Valdedios. The mass and music is spectacular, and the albergue has nice facilities. You're absolutely right about the German and French guidebooks. I did not bring a guidebook and did this route spur of the...
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    Which Camino should I take?

    Hi Patrick, I did exactly the route you spoke of, except I started at Portugalete (near Bilbao), and dipped down toward Oviedo after Villaviciosa. I think it's a wonderful route, because you get to see some of the coast, but a lot of the beautiful interior. The walks are difficult and...
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    My Camino Blog

    Sorry to put this comment in the middle of nowhere, but I'm in a rush. Just returned from doing the del Norte and Primitivo and wanted to share my blog. Holy moly...what an experience. It's so strange to be home and on the other side of this forum! emilyontheway.blogspot.com. I also want to...
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    may babies unite!

    Hey May babies, Good luck to those who are going before me! I'll try to catch up! I'll be there on the 22nd...look for the pale American with no hair! That's me... Emily! Buen Camino!!! Thanks for the advice!
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    Petroleum jelly on the feet?

    It works so well for me, but I have to apply it liberally to stress points, like between my toes (especially between my big and second toes). I don't understand how it could help in areas that come into contact with socks, because it would absorb into the socks or rub off, but between the toes...
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    Maps and Guidebooks- necessary?

    I'm on it! Thanks!
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    Maps and Guidebooks- necessary?

    haha, I had originally decided to forgo guidebooks! I never use them for anything and I figured I would just follow the swarms I've been hearing about on the CF! If you can recommend a guidebook that will ship to Michigan before 5/20 I will order it :lol:
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    Maps and Guidebooks- necessary?

    Thanks for the advice! I was hoping everyone would say something like "no, don't bring a guidebook because of the extra weight!" Isn't it funny how sometimes we ask for advice, only wanting our own opinion(uninformed in my case) reinforced? :oops: I'll definitely order a guidebook, then!
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    Maps and Guidebooks- necessary?

    Hello all. Thanks for all the info so far! I'm leaving in 6 days. Screwily, I just now started thinking about maps and guidebooks of the Camino Frances. I guess I just figured I would "go with the flow," but is that crazy? Do I need to have these things so I won't get lost, or is it possible to...
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    Santiago to Portugal

    Portugal is an excellent place to relax. I have found it much more laid back and slow-paced than Spain. You might consider going south, also. The coast is warm and beautiful, and the interior is exotic and martian. There's no place like it!
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    Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

    CATS in the albergues Are there any refugios or albergues that have CATS? I love cats, but I'm deathly allergic to them. I sympathize with your sensitivities...it's so strange that something so small can affect us big humans! I hope there are no cats! I would be laid up for a day after contact...
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    Sorry, but...Where do women pee on the camino...?

    What does "curbing dogs" mean?
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    Sorry, but...Where do women pee on the camino...?

    OK, I make a pact with all of you as witnesses that I will pick up at least one garbage bag full of trash during my camino. I will make it work somehow, even if my back hurts. It's a promise :!:
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    Sorry, but...Where do women pee on the camino...?

    Detroit is very polluted. Sometimes when I take long walks, I bring along a garbage bag and a latex glove. The paper/plastic garbage weighs next to nothing, and I feel good leaving behind a cleaner path. I just drop off the garbage either at home (plastic bottles are refundable in MI for 10...