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Recent content by Eleanor

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    Camino de la Vera Cruz

    I am wondering if anyone has any information re this route. My friend has read of a route from Puenta la Reina de Navarra to Caravaca. She would like to cycle it. Is there a guide? Don't suppose there are many, if any, Albergues. Gracias.
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    The Hospitaleros section

    I too, have signed up to this forum hoping to read some 'experiences' from other hospitalaros. I am about to start serving at Guacelmo on 15th August (for first time) and am hoping I will be able to manage. I am not afraid of hard work or mucking in but am a bit slow due to being somewhat...
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    Slán (Goodbye) - Camino Aragonés

    GOODBYE ALL I am off in the morning. Should arrive at Somport, via Pau, on Tuesday. I have made arrangements to try to meet a few forum 'friends' who will also be walking. Please look out for me. I may be sitting down at an obstacle waiting for somebody to come along. Thanks Ivor...
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    Hello everybody, That book by Linda Davdison's book "The Pilgrimage Road to Santiago" that Sil recommends sounds interesting. Too late for me to read before I go today at 2 in afternoon. Will be at Somport sometime on Tues. all going well. Am interested in Puerto del Palo too. Check out...
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    Health Food Stores

    Hi everyone, I seem to remember a Health Food Store in Jaca, near the Cathedral on the square. Don't know if it is still there but I would hazard a guess it is. I too am interested for things like nuts and dried fruit - a light, nurishing snack type food for El Camino. I always miss my...
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    last minute questions about Roncevalles!

    Hola fiddletree, Looks like we will be starting much the same time,but me on 25th in Somport. Are you coming from Galway? I am leaving Mayo for two months or so. Buen Camino and maybe we'll meet. I hope to be in Puenta la Reina, Navarra about 4th May. We'll see. Un saludo, Eleanor
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    Age & Fitness

    And PEI-les, That 82 year old! GREAT - never say CAN'T. You remind me of myself starting University at age 58. Thought I'd only last a week, then got to Christmas, then passed 1st-year exams and finally aged 60 I graduated with a double first class honours in Spanish and Irish Studies...
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    Age & Fitness

    Hi Howie, I am 62,grandmother of five, survor of a braintumour op. but left with some physical disabilities which will affect my Camino - balance being the main one. But though I 'feel the fear, and do it anway'(as the motto on the T-shirt my surfing son-in-law gave me says), I'm off Monday...
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    More weather damage

    Hola vitaminporter, Yes, I hope to be at Somport on 25th April. As I will be slow and will be visiting family for a night or two near Jaca I am sure you will pass me out somewhere. Look out for me. I love ALTO ARAGON. Hasta muy pronto, Pity about the stepping stones though I doubt I would...
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    Spring landscape in EL CAMINO

    Almond Trees in Aragón Hola, Can anybody tell me the stage of the almond blossom in Alto Aragón? I am told the ancient stepping stones (three tier) near Castiello de Jaca have been washed away. What a loss. Wonder how old they were? Gracias, Eleanor
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    New Book for May release

    Thanks Sil for the interesting review. Sounds like a book to enjoy reading. For when I get home! Eleanor
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    may babies unite!

    Eleanor again, How did that happen. The 'quote' was what I wanted to say. I obviously have a lot to learn yet. Eleanor
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    may babies unite!

    Hola everybody,Jerome says:"(the albuerges in between are already full), "
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    CSJ and this forum

    Hi xm, Thanks for your help. I feel like you but may need to logon. And maybe I will miss my 'friends' on the forum. Thanks all, Eleanor
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    CSJ and this forum

    Hello Peter, Thanks for giving me those websites. Nice to be reading French again. Havn't used it much since I married my Spanish husband and took up Spanish. I do hope El Camino is clear of snow too on 23rd. I find it hard to stay upright at the best of times. Fell yesterday on a stony...