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  1. Elizabeth Cheung

    Who is walking on VdlP in 2020?

    Hope things are looking up for you health wise! So not related to this thread but kind of: What are the implications of walking the VDLP on a holy year? Because 2021 was my target for this route
  2. Elizabeth Cheung

    Anyone have a favourite British Pilgrimage?

    I did the Wales Coast Path last year (all of it ) and I found out of all the "pilgrim" routes I have done (so far 5), this one was the most spiritual. Stunning scenery, tons of old churches till operating and filled with history and Celtic Influence. You really feel like you have been...
  3. Elizabeth Cheung

    “Bed race” You should read this before attempting Camino Del Norte in July/August.

    Just my two cents for those who, like the original poster, want a nice long walk/hike where you can get accommodations, is inexpensive, and not too crowded. Might I suggest Turkey. The Lycian Way is great and could REALLY use the tourism. Its best done with a combination of camping and...
  4. Elizabeth Cheung

    Bag Transfer on the Norte

    No you don't have to do "standard stages". When you book using their online booking form, there is a drop down menu off all the towns along the route where there are accomodations. So you can break it up however you want.
  5. Elizabeth Cheung

    Favorite pensiones/casa rurales on El Norte

    Hey maybe I will see you as I am starting the Norte mid September too! I tend to pre book most of my route before I leave for piece of mind with the bookings being of the kind that I can cancel or change if I give 48 hours notice. I can't speak for favourites in the Norte since I haven't done...
  6. Elizabeth Cheung

    Staying in Deba - Hotel Kanala

    Thank you for your prompt reply! I am starting in Zarutz that day so it already will be quite walk getting to Deba. The albuergue you mentioned is on the Wise Pilgrim app and the reviews are still "mixed" as of a few months ago. Either way, it would be too far for me. I should be fine with...
  7. Elizabeth Cheung

    Staying in Deba - Hotel Kanala

    So has anyone stayed at Hotel Kanala outside Deba? I am starting to look at where I want to stay and book (because I am using bag transfer). Deba doesn't have a lot to choose from once you forgo the muncipal. Zumari is booked up for the day I would be there. I just wanted to know if people...
  8. Elizabeth Cheung

    Dealing with unwanted harassment

    "But resenting unfairness and getting angry at the way the world is wastes a ton of energy. And when you try to change the way things are from a place of anger and resentment it just makes people turn away and roll their eyes. And that's not the point, right?" You might want to explore the...
  9. Elizabeth Cheung

    Dealing with unwanted harassment

    I find this whole thread troubling. The belief system here is that women are responsible for how they react to a difficult situation that involves men behaving in entitled and agressive ways. Is advice on how to mitigate these encounters helpful - yes. Is showing up and telling women (again)...
  10. Elizabeth Cheung

    Dealing with unwanted harassment

    I just wanted to say that I love your response. I really do. It sums up perfectly why I find this kind of help unhelpful. Women endure so much. Have had to endure so much. And always it comes back to "if we just do this one more thing with strong conviction" then it would be so much...
  11. Elizabeth Cheung

    Horrible hébergement

    I appreciate the feed back about this place. I know as pilgrims we are expected to take what we get and be grateful. I get that. For me, hearing about this just allows me to prepare better when I know I will arrive on that stage and to expect minimal - if any - comforts. Or, book...
  12. Elizabeth Cheung

    Helicopter rescue near Laredo

    Can I just ask for some clarification on this route? Is this dangerous section any of the two routes on the Gronze map? I see on that stage map there are two routes (one a solid red line from Islades) and another dotted line branching off from El Ponterron. Neither of these routes appear to...
  13. Elizabeth Cheung

    Northern Caminos: Updates, Accommodation List

    Oh man! I bought the Cicerone guide 2 months ago and there is an update coming? You need an app! LOL!
  14. Elizabeth Cheung

    Read for Anyone Walking Camino Del Norte - 30 Day Journal & Tips

    Really enjoyable read! You did some long distances but I am impressed with your stamina and insights. I laughed about the "2 minutes of rain in 30 days". I had a similar experience walking in the UK. One long distance walk it was torrential rains. The other no rain in 2 months! So far my...
  15. Elizabeth Cheung

    Following the coast from Santander to Boo

    Wow. These threads are great! So if I understand all this, it looks like the coastal option out of Santander is a must but it makes the walk to Boo long - around 30+ km. I see there is an option to break that up around 20 km on the coast at Soto de la Mariña. But what happens then for getting...

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