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Recent content by elzi

  1. elzi

    Arriving in Coruna at midnight...? Early start Ferrol?

    Thanks @natefaith and @KinkyOne :-)
  2. elzi

    Arriving in Coruna at midnight...? Early start Ferrol?

    Hi thanks, I've ordered a credential from Ivar now. I am a bit worried how to get a stamp as I'm not staying in a hotel in Ferrol. Probably arriving early morning in Ferrol but it looks like the church/tourist office don't open until ten?
  3. elzi

    Arriving in Coruna at midnight...? Early start Ferrol?

    Wow that's amazing!! We couldn't find an English guide a decade ago (I think maybe there was some very basic CSJ guidance) and could find no one in either city that was aware of the route or could give us a clue where to begin. We ended up renting a car and driving around the coast though so it...
  4. elzi

    Arriving in Coruna at midnight...? Early start Ferrol?

    Aha super thanks KinkyOne!! So nice to have pictures! Definitely going to get the JohnnieWalker guide thanks!! Also, just been off to book stuff and in case anyone else ever arrives on the same late night flight the Hotel Moon in Coruna tells me check-in at 00:30 hours will be fine! :-)
  5. elzi

    Arriving in Coruna at midnight...? Early start Ferrol?

    Hi Thanks all! I think I will try to book a hotel in Coruna with 24 hr reception and hope for the best, My language skills are terrible so I hope I don't have to negotiate too much if I miss check in!! Funny story: I actually tried to walk the Ingles almost exactly a decade ago. My mum and I...
  6. elzi

    Arriving in Coruna at midnight...? Early start Ferrol?

    Hi all, I'm really rusty at this, not been on a camino for approx 5 years eek! So I have a spare week and I'm thinking of walking the Ingles. Unfortunately the only flight I can get lands about midnight at Coruna. I'm happy enough to get the first train/bus in the morning to Ferrol and start...
  7. elzi

    Men in their underwear?

    I made a comment once to someone that I couldn't face any more nights squeezing past Spanish men in tiny G-strings only to be told that "Some people pay for that kind of experience!" :D Made me laugh anyway.... Plus I'm not sure it's just the men, I've seen plenty of women of all ages and...
  8. elzi

    Camino Romance

    I've seen a lot of romance on camino (though sadly not myself! ) but I walked with a couple last autumn, she was German, he was Irish. They were together before the Camino but he proposed at the end at Finisterre! I was so chuffed for them! What a romantic place to get engaged! :) It's funny I...
  9. elzi

    Showers Stalls

    OOh! I forgot my most embarassing Camino shower experience! Once on the Portugese route I stayed in an albergue where they were hosting a children's birthday party. I found his out when the party started just as I took my shower and a group of children (of both genders) and their mums all ran...
  10. elzi

    Showers Stalls

    If you are fussy about communal showers then I would avoid the municipal albergues. Certainly in Galicia, I had several communal showers in Galicia as recently as last October. Generally they were communal but single-sex - however in at least one of the albergues there was only one frosted...
  11. elzi


    From what I understand from talking to other pilgrims Larrasoaña seems to be a hot spot for overcrowding. Maybe it is wise not to plan to stop there. However my understanding is that the municipal albergue in Zubiri is not particularly nice either. I stayed in a private albergue in Zubiri which...
  12. elzi

    What is the one albergue you would avoid?

    I think so much of your albergue experience depends of how you feel on the day day and who you are there with. You can have a great night in a horrible albergue or a miserable evening in the most beautiful place dependent on mood and circumstance... That said, I´m confused by the post above...
  13. elzi

    Walking the Camino Frances a second time yes\no

    I find the Frances different everytime! Try a different season for a variation on the landscape. People are all different. I wouldn´t do the Portugues alone again personally. I found the Portugal part, whilst beautiful, a little scary (in terms of men) and during the whole route although there...
  14. elzi

    Burgos Credential - Early Morning!

    2 weeks? That must´ve been quite some weather! Um, I find the opposite, once I´m within reach of the camino I´m itching to get going! The day I spent in Santiago was torture watching all the other pilgrims coming in jealously!! As an update, I got a credential in the pilgrim´s office in...
  15. elzi

    On the walk at lograño and shocked at the no. of people!

    Wow! It really is busy!!! Started from Burgos a couple of days ago, totally shocked at the number of people, compared to this time of year a few years ago the number has escalated massively!! Glad I brought the tent.... not that I´ve used it yet, meseta seems scant in good wild camping spots...