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  1. emmanuel

    COVID Vaccination certificate Irun

    Private albergues (many are closed) are working at 50%. Municipal albergues are closed (a few are open, like Murias de Rechivaldo), church albergues are open, also at 50%. Mask use is de rigueur in cities and haphazard in small towns. Pilgrims in the countryside don't bother. I did not see any...
  2. emmanuel

    COVID Vaccination certificate Irun

    I recently crossed from Irun into hendaye on foot and was stopped by french police in the middle of the bridge. I produced my PCR which was out of date by a week and they let me pass. Then I traveled by train to SJPP and proceeded to walk back into Spain. No Spanish police on the Napoleon route...
  3. emmanuel

    What's the state of the Camino Francés right now - June 2021?

    Masks are only being worn inside bars and on the streets in big cities.
  4. emmanuel

    Questions: crossing into Spain; open alburgues

    I crossed the bridge in Irun on the 21st and was asked by the french police about my PCR. It was outdated, but they let me pass.
  5. emmanuel

    Crazy not to reserve in 2021 Holy Year?

    Arrived today in Puente la Reina, the albergue Padres reparadores Is open, with a 50% limit. Weather is great, It is not necessary to reserve, the albergues that are open have very few pilgrims and could use more.
  6. emmanuel

    Crazy not to reserve in 2021 Holy Year?

    I started from SJPP yesterday an am now in Zubiri. Public albergues are closed but private small ones are open. Most bars also. There are few pilgrims, as compared to 2019, which makes for a wonderful special feeling. No restrictions whatsoever other than wearing a mask in public places...
  7. emmanuel

    Took the Plunge and Booked for July 2021!!

    Yes! that is my intention, but as I said, if by mid-May restrictions are still in place to cross from region to region, I would have to postpone.
  8. emmanuel

    Took the Plunge and Booked for July 2021!!

    I have tickets for May 15 and I am planning to walk from Lourdes. I understand the "state of emergency" in Spain ends on May 9. So I keep my fingers crossed and wish I will not have to cancel like I did last year.
  9. emmanuel

    Did you meet "The One" on the Camino

    If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with. --stephen stills
  10. emmanuel

    Plans for 2021?

    I intend to walk in late May 2021. Tickets have been bought. But I understand I might have to cancel in the last moment if quarantine is enforced by that time. I keep my fingers crossed.
  11. emmanuel

    A Furnace Full of God: A Holy Year on the Camino de Santiago

    Marvelous book, I read with utmost gusto. Thanks, Rebekah!
  12. emmanuel

    Trying to Donate but it is a hassle....

    Really, really, the easiest way to transfer money is by using Paypal. It may not be the cheapest, but it is widely known and trusted.
  13. emmanuel

    COVID The last pilgrim on the Camino

    Well, the adventurer in his twenties may amount to something worthwhile some day. I think that's the rationale behind favoring the young when it comes to ventilators.
  14. emmanuel

    España — Tierra, Agua, Fuego, Aire (book from 1969)

    I am very sorry for all those that over the years sought my advice on walking the Camino, and always postponed. Now who knows when they will be able to.