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Recent content by enjoyingthejourney

  1. enjoyingthejourney

    On this date in October...

    In Germany it is already the 5th, so I can say today a year ago I arrived in Santiago :))) kind of strange feeling - feel like celebrating it like a birthday I miss the Camino. What a journey :)
  2. enjoyingthejourney

    On this date in September...

    Ohhhhhh sooooo cool! We probably did :) I miss the camino. What a wonderful time.
  3. enjoyingthejourney

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2020?

    I have been walking around a lot where I grew up - Eifel area in Germany - took a hike from the abbey in Maria Laach. I finally went to check out the pilgrims fountain ⛲ this has been a stop for pilgrims from Germany on their way to Spain :) In the Shop at the Abbey I found a Book I bought „...
  4. enjoyingthejourney

    On this date in September...

    Today a year ago exactly at this time I was on my way to alto de perdon. This picture shows leaving Pamplona behind me on my way up. I just was writing to a camino friend who I net on my way up there. Wonderful times...:)
  5. enjoyingthejourney

    How much weight did you lose?

    I lost 20 pounds from st. Jean to Santiago de compostella. But I was 40 pounds overweight when I started. Now it is one year later and I kept walking in my every day life and was able to keep it off. It was a wonderful side effect of the Camino. Now I have to walk again for the next 20 pounds...;)
  6. enjoyingthejourney

    Publicly humiliated for snoring

    I am really sorry you had to go through this experience and feel like this. I usually do not snore myself, only in very rare occasions, if I am sick and my nose is closed. That is something you can not influence, but what people can influence is complaining. Honestly every night a minimum of...
  7. enjoyingthejourney

    Winter Camino Frances?

    thank you! That is a really great tip I did not know about!
  8. enjoyingthejourney

    European walking shoes?

    What a fun discussion. I am German and I don‘t know what a European walking shoe is. I remember though I could spot another German pilgrim from far away on the camino: deuter pack, Falke socks and meindl shoes...🤣 I had the deuter pack and the Falke socks haha, but I love my Italian scarpa...
  9. enjoyingthejourney

    Winter Camino Frances?

    good Suggestion! I will check that out! Maybe I also have a tip. I used camino places from the wise pilgrim series. This is just a GPS for the different caminos. You can chose Frances, del Norte etc. and it shows you the way, the alternatives and where the next albergues and bars are. You are a...
  10. enjoyingthejourney

    Winter Camino Frances?

    ahhh that sounds lovely. As much as I love my camino family and everyone I met, last September it was extremely busy and I was missing some solitude once in while. On the German caminos I was sometimes walking by myself for days. It really helped me to meet myself and work through stuff. of...
  11. enjoyingthejourney

    Winter Camino Frances?

    Yes, I guess this is what worries me: finding albergues and the stages with high elevation, like o cebreiro if there would be a lot of snow or rain. But your description sounds encouraging. I think their is no age on the camino. On my last one I walked quiet a while with a girl 20 years younger...
  12. enjoyingthejourney

    Winter Camino Frances?

    i was extremely lucky with the weather last September. Almost no rain and no heat, but a perfect sunny breathe for 32 days. But the bedrace was TERRIBLE. Lucky few hours when you could walk in solitude without clicking noises ;) I would not want to have missed this camino, but i would not want...
  13. enjoyingthejourney

    Winter Camino Frances?

    True :) but I want to wait for next year... hopefully we are a bit more knowledgeable about the virus by then... fingers crossed 🤞🏻
  14. enjoyingthejourney

    Winter Camino Frances?

    ahhhhhh sounds great and exactly the kind of experience i am looking for. Thanks!
  15. enjoyingthejourney

    Winter Camino Frances?

    hehe... i walked last September and we were extremely blessed with the perfect weather. That first day in the Pyrenees... oh yeah I would miss that too :) but I am looking for a different vibe this time I guess. If I would have the time I would start in Germany early February and then get to...