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2012 May-June - SJPD, Finisterre, Muxia. 2013 May-June - SJPD, Finisterre, Muxia. 2014 April-June - Via De La Plata, Finisterre, Muxia. 2015 Geneva, Le Puy-en-Velay, SJPD, Hendaye, Camino North , Santiago, Finisterre, Muxia, all in 70 days (2269.52 km). 2016 May-June- From Lisbon Camino Portugues, Finisterre, Muxia. (2017) Pilgrimage Apostle to Apostle ) Proceno, Rome, Motginevro, Arles, Samport CF, SdC, Fisterre, Muxia, 3300.38km in 98 days starting walking the 2nd of April. (2018) Barcelona, Valencia, Via Levante by Toledo, Avila then Madrid back to Salamanca to finish on Via De La Plata and the usual Finisterre, Muxia. 1674.2 km And this is the very end of my Camino.


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