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    Blister advice please

    If you are uk residents and still have an EU health card thats in date could you claim it back?
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    LIVE from the Camino (almost live) from the Camino Francés starting in Pamplona

    Thankyou, its good to hear comprehensively from someone on the ground. I bought your guide to the vdlp last year in january and never made it to our planned april start - maybe next year.
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    LIVE from the Camino Rappahannock reports in, from Camino Francés

    Hope it goes well. Do all that @Robo suggests plus massage where it hurts as much as you can bear - it helps warm it, moves waste metabolites away and brings fresh blood supply for healing and helps keep it supple and flexible. I had a bad tendon, very swollen, and it was massaging regularly and...
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    Prayer Request for a Diseased Former Pilgrim

    Kathryn, A tough time for you. It must be hard to see any positives. Keep faith, thoughts and prayers coming your way that all shall be well.
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    St Bernard pass, when likely to have snow in September?

    If there is snow but not too much you can borrow snowshoes at bourg st pierre i believe and then send them back via the bus that goes. See @timr for a lot of info on walking the pass. We went over mid june when it had just opened, still snow on some bits of path which we traversed safely in...
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    Placing the Via Francigena GPS route onto Offline Maps with (iPhone & Android).

    We downloaded the gpx files from onto our gps unit but only used it as a check, often followed our own route in france to avoid wandering around on the GR145. Also used lightfoot guides in france and switzerland but the italian one in italy, terremezzo, english lang. version...
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    "Toe Socks"

    I love my injinj wool toe socks. I have worn other ordinary wool socks on top too without problems
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    Getting home from SDC to the UK after your Camino

    I dont know, there may be but we broke the journey in Burgos as a bus couldnt get us all the way from santiago to bilbao in time for the flight and we preferred to stay o/night in burgos and knew the bus from there to bilbao was good as we had done it before. Also we stayed n burgos after...
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    Getting home from SDC to the UK after your Camino

    Another alternative, fly return from bristol to bilbao (we had done the bit from sjpdp to burgos already though) . There is a good bus connection from bilbao to burgos.. Then on completion at santiago take the train to burgos, stay overnight, bus to bilbao and home.
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    Dangerous dog before Triacastela

    Walking the via francigena through France i have never encountered so many dogs, usually behind f ences, but nontheless still intimidating and aggressive. I remember one being almost demented in its frenzied attempts to get at us. ONly one scary encounter though, with a rottweiler who came out...
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    Euros or Francs?

    We are starting our VF trip in Aigle, heading to Lucca in September. Will we need francs in the Suisse section (5 days) of the walk...or will most everyone take euros? In 2019 we had to use swiss francs, i had a travelmoney card and it allows you to switch funds between virtual wallets. You can...
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    Your favorite camino hat!

    A brown hemp Tilley hat. Washes and wears well, keeps it shape so the brim doesnt sag in the middle like some can, fits under kagoule hood, I also put a thin cotton scarf underneath it in intense heat to shield the sides of my face. Wouldnt be without it.
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    Mourned for jacket

    I cut the bottom half of my merino top off after it got holes in after so many washes and now wear it as a buff, twisted over my head twice. I wore the top on my first pilgrimage and its a touchstone reminder. Waste not want not.
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    Mourned for jacket

    Thats exactly what i have done, now on my 5th pair of merrell boots, and they got cheaper as they got more out of date and i trawled the internet for them!
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    Winter Camino & Washing Clothes?

    It can be an issue but there is usually enough of a dry day every few days, or an occasional radiator or room heater at accom ( careful not to leave it on covered!) Walking the VF in cooler months i have been known to dry socks with an oven on low and the door open😬, or hot plates on low with a...