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    Live - Camino Francés Leaving Triacastela: right or left?

    Definitely go left. just beautiful all the way
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    The new and cleaned up Cathedral

    What a sight, in 5 visits we have not seen the real cathedral before. Thank you
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    Reflections and Lessons learnt

    Thank you for sharing this and bringing back wonderful memories. The joy never leaves you
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    Photos From My Camino

    Wonderful pictures bringing back so many good memories. Thank you
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    How tough is SJPdP to Roncesvalles... Need Advice

    Hi I did it twice, once with baggage transfer, (Jacotrans) when I was 60+ and once carrying when i was older. Leave in good time, pace yourself, stop at Orisson for a beer and you should be fine. It is a terrific sense of achievement to do it ''in one''. To be honest I cannot think it is...
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    GR 70 R L Stevenson route.

    I walked to St Jean du Gard and loved it all. did not go to Ales as I have no head for heights and I was led to believe that there are some parts of the path where a touch of vertigo would not be good. Does anyone else know? Enjoy it
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    Le Puy planning site?

    You could try the Miam Miam Dodo long guides. They are available as books and may be digitally. From Le Puy it is the GR65 and there are Topo Guides as well Good Luck
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    Roncevalles hotel

    Yes - go direct. Booking companies often sell out of their allocation but it doesn't mean there are none left.
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    Dairy free on the Le Puy route

    If your daughter can master the the French terminology I would not be too concerned. Granted, a lot of butter is used but just as much olive oil is used in cooking. From the cheese point of view they do eat a lot of goat and sheep cheese. In the gites d'etape we found we had soup, huge pots...
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    Horses into Galicia

    A great idea but we gave it a miss as it was the horses lunch break and we decided not to wait
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    Le Puy...purchase hiking poles

    You could also email the tourist office we have always found them very helpful, and being on the spot should have up to date info.
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    Things to Do to Help Prevent Shin Splints

    One thing I have found over many miles of walking is to alter the gait as soon as you feel you might be developing shin splint. Raise your knee on each stride and slow down, just for 30 or 40 strides. those following might think you have taken leave of your senses but I have nipped the shim...
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    Tea on the Camino?

    Take the tea bags for emergency, but I have found that every where sells tea in pots and by the cup.
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    Nice hotel in SJPP for last evening with husband before starting out?

    Wow the 2 places I would have said have been recommended already. Xoko Goxoa is so friendly, but choose one of the dearer rooms unless you are ok with restricted space. The owners will tell you there is work going on to re-instate what they say is the original route over the mountain before...
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    The Stevenson Trail GR 70, Chemin de Stevenson

    We did the Stevenson trail 2 years ago and it is a beautiful walk. There is not a huge amount of accommodation and not masses of walkers either but it links in to a number of other walks. If you get the chance do try it.

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