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  1. Felice

    Deep_Puncture_wound_right foot. What helped you w/ similar experience?

    I would have sat with my foot in a bowl of hot water with loads of salt added to it. When we lived in Oman, we had several mesquite trees around the house, which required regular major pruning. They have long sharp thorns similar to blackthorn, which were usually covered in dust. My hands and...
  2. Felice

    Somewhere in Western Galicia

    This was the dovecote(?) in June 2015. Interesting to compare it to the picture on the caminodosfarros website, where it looks a lot more derelict. In June 2015, I passed by on my way to Muxia. The place was shut, with some works going on inside.
  3. Felice

    A Guitarist NOT on the Camino

    Having tried to learn classical guitar in my youth, I was overwhelmed by the camera work in the first movement. The angle chosen was perfect - a view of both hands from below so that the movement of the fingers of the right hand were visible, along with the perfect alignment of the wrist. Then...
  4. Felice

    Albergues - between Cadavo Baleira and Lugo, and Melide and O Pedruzo

    There is an albergue just off the camino near Gondar, at Roméan, the Rectoral de Roméan. It only opened last year to much enthusiasm, but it has put in a request for help to see it over this difficult period. Whether it will still be open next year might be debatable. See...
  5. Felice

    Another church I missed on the Olvidado— after Aguilar de Campoo

    We have driven past Matamorisca so many times over the years, not knowing the church was there.......
  6. Felice

    Drum roll please — Restoration of San Miguel in Naranco

    I loved San Miguel de Lillo. A real gem of a church inside with amazing carvings. I was really disappointed to not be allowed to take photos and also that there seemed to be no postcards or anything available either.
  7. Felice

    Evolution of the Albergue Paradigm

    In the past, I was very anti camping on the camino frances, because I thought that the litter, rubbish etc was bad enough and would only be worse with more camping, not to mention the fire risk. But in the current circumstances, I'm less certain. People above keep saying there are plenty of...
  8. Felice

    On this date in May...

    No sneaking in for me - the OP is dated 'Today at 1.20am'! And on 11/5/17, I was setting out from Oviedo on the Primitivo. For the past few years, I have walked in mid May - 15/5/16 the Camino Catalan 11/5/17 the Camino Primitivo 14/5/18 the Camino Salvador 18/5/19 the Via Podiensis...
  9. Felice

    Camping Can you camp along the Camino?

    Back in the late 1970s, we wild camped in northern Spain on a couple of holidays, including various places around the route of the Camino Frances. We had no idea as to whether it was legal or not - I doubt that it entered our young heads at all. Generally, things went well and we had some superb...
  10. Felice

    Footwear advice

    Not sure that you'll want my choice of footwear - these: https://www.sportsdirect.com/reebok-quick-chase-mens-trainers-130004#colcode=13000437 I bought Moab goretex shoes for my first camino but at the last moment, I realised they made my feet far too hot and so I switched to an already well...
  11. Felice

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2020?

    Another walk on the Malvern Hills again this morning. I am so fortunate that they are only 5 mins walk from my front door. This was the view from the spot where I stopped and had some coffee. The sun was warm, the air was full of the scent of gorse and the gentle murmur of the breeze hid the...
  12. Felice

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2020?

    Yesterday morning I went walking on the Malvern Hills. Usually on an Easter Sunday, they would be bustling with activity, with cyclists, dog walkers and families galore. But instead I had the paths nearly all to myself. Such a special moment in these crazy times.
  13. Felice

    Can we please stop using the word "devastated"?

    Language evolves through time. For example, if I got £1 every time I heard/read someone using 'literally' incorrectly, I'd be rich. Same with devastated. It is no longer used in quite the same way as it was when I was young. There are many more words like this. Communication uses much more...
  14. Felice


    I recent read The Murmur of Bees, by Sofía Segovia. Set in Mexico in the early years of the 20th century, at a time of great change and upheaval. The Spanish flu makes an appearance! The English translation is excellent. Next up is Kim Ghattas, Black Wave: Saudi Arabia, Iran and the Rivalry that...
  15. Felice

    Haikus for our Postponed Caminos

    The plastic bags fall silent Gone is the tip tip tapping The camino is resting

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