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  1. fiona12

    Walking through cancer. A thread for inspiration.

    Animals do heal and are more aware than we will ever understand. My partner (healthy, fit 53 years old) had a heart attack. Stent was fitted and we were back on the farm after a few days. We went and sat on the ground against an anthill among our Nguni cattle, as we often did. The cows gathered...
  2. fiona12

    Hi Lisakline My plans have gone a bit upside down with the death of my mother in the UK. I...

    Hi Lisakline My plans have gone a bit upside down with the death of my mother in the UK. I now have to try to get to SJPdP from UK/Birmingham probably on Monday 3 Feb. Seems really difficult to find a flight to somewhere reasonably close. I really do want to start in SJPdP but it is looking...
  3. fiona12

    Bus from Pamplona to St Jean

    Help Please! I am booking (very late I know) to fly out of South Africa on Tuesday 4 Feb, to leave SJPdP on Thursday 6 Feb or Friday 7 Feb. I hoped to fly to Madrid, train to Pamplona, bus to SJPdP. However, it seems there are no buses from Pamplona. Is it because it is February? I am travelling...
  4. fiona12

    Would you rather....

    Had 14 days available so went with the intention of bussing a section if I was running late. I did Leon to Santiago in 12 days comfortably, in winter. Walked as long as I was enjoying it. Some long days because the company was good, sometimes because I felt good. Did Finisterre by bus for the...
  5. fiona12

    Walking the Camino changes lives - or does it?

    Shakespearshake says it all for me. Since walking Leon to Santiago in 2013, barely a day goes by without thinking about the experience and planning towards the next one - hopefully from SJP to Leon in Feb 2018. I met up with a fellow countryman with whom I walked (and talked lots) the last 4...
  6. fiona12

    What's the problem here?

    I wear HiTec waterproof boots. They tend to build up moisture in the boot as it obviously can't get out. Pantyliners absorb any sweat in the boot and therefore no smelly socks. I used ultra thin ones so made no difference to the fit of my boots. Thin liner socks with mohair hiking socks. Dry non...
  7. fiona12

    Mind over Matter

    My last 10 days of training my pack was about 75% (of 7.5kg) packed. I had never walked more than 8km in a day but my first day out from Leon I walked over 25km with ease - no rush. I walked alone and in winter. I used Margaret Meredith's packing list (look for her blog) and it was perfect...
  8. fiona12

    Feeling overwhelmed

    Hi Nicolette I walked the Frances in Feb 2013. Packed according to Margaret Meredith's list except for the immersion heater which I will definitely take next time. I agree with Tania - gaiters are fantastic. They keep the rain/snow from dripping into your boots and also stop the gravel. I used...
  9. fiona12

    12-14 days to reach Santiago

    I did Leon to Santiago in Feb 2013 so can't comment on the 'crowds' but it was the perfect distance for 14 days. I also went at short notice, without expectation and hardly planning - except how to get to Leon from Madrid. A couple of days I diverted to the road as the snow was heavy and walking...
  10. fiona12

    A Novice Pilgrim's Plan....How'm I doing?

    I wore HiTech waterproof boots with gaiters. IMHO gaiters will be the first thing in my pack next trip. Keep gravel/snow out your boots, laces don't get hooked on vegetation, and socks stay dry (in summer may be too warm but I walked in Feb). A tip I got off the forum - with waterproof boots use...
  11. fiona12

    I am the 'worried mum from Australia' - and my son has just finished the Camino today!

    At the end of November 2012 I had a compulsion to walk the Camino, and to go ASAP. I walked alone (53yrs) - Leon to Santiago in Feb 2013. Every day I think of the Camino and know I will do it from St Jean next time. The Pyrenees call. I agree with other posts - plan it and do it. Even if you...
  12. fiona12

    Should I do CF, another route, or just travel?

    Joy So many responses really resonate with me. In Nov 2012 I went through three weeks of feeling a nagging to see a friend who had walked a section of the Frances. Eventually we met for a walk and within an hour I knew it was what I HAD to do and ASAP. I walked Leon to Santiago at the...
  13. fiona12

    Oldies on the Camino

    Am sure it will be a wonderful experience for all. I also wonder at what age one is an 'oldie'.. Well done for getting this trip together. I think about the Camino every single day and can't wait to get back.

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