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  1. FLEUR

    Recommendations / Advice for a very slow , 10 day Baztan

    Definitely study the Baztan forum for information and recommendations. Take your time and enjoy, it's a lovely route. Fleur (Baztan 4)
  2. FLEUR

    Newbie to travel in Europe

    Just a reminder, if you're over 60 you can buy a senior rail card, valid 1 yr and costs 6€ it gives excellent discounts. Purchase it over the counter before you buy your train ticket.
  3. FLEUR

    Pamplona to Santiago tomorrow by train.

    Last May we took the train from Santiago De Compostela via Irun all the way to Hendaye. A very full train , 2 very ordinary , basic carriages at each end of a small buffet car. 3 toilets but one was out of service. Intercity, I think it was more like inter village, stopped everywhere and took...
  4. FLEUR

    Found! Phone found on ferry

    Just to close this thread, the owner returned and claimed the phone on the same day.
  5. FLEUR

    When a camino does not exactly go the way you’ve planned

    A great Vlog. Thanks for sharing this.
  6. FLEUR

    IKEA Ponchos

    I mentioned the Lidl poncho only because I happened to see ponchos on sale when I was out shopping. It wasn't a recommendation for a MUST BUY. I have a very good poncho which keeps me dry and does the job beautifully. I bought it at a brocante in France and I think it might be made by...
  7. FLEUR

    IKEA Ponchos

    A sturdy looking poncho is on sale this week in Lidl shops in U.K.
  8. FLEUR

    Finished CP May 16! Home now for Two Weeks

    Another early May 2018 walker here. Our group experienced mild weather, a few very wet days (chilly) and some days too hot. So really we experienced a bit of everything apart from bitter winter weather. Clothing LAYERS are the answer. A good waterproof poncho or jacket - vital.
  9. FLEUR

    Easiest walk

    There are a couple of quite steep, rocky stretches on the Tui to Santiago Camino but you could arrange for your wife's rucksack to be transported then those stretches will be more manageable.
  10. FLEUR

    Equipment guidance

    No we took ours with us. There is a sports shop in Bayonne but I don't know whether they stock walking poles.
  11. FLEUR

    Equipment guidance

    I recommend walking poles that are adjustable.
  12. FLEUR

    Equipment guidance

    Last year in September on the Baztan it was mostly warm and sunny but sometimes rainy. We had Summer gear and ponchos or light rain jackets. As always, layers are best. Monastery and albergues had blankets.
  13. FLEUR

    Port coastal in short dectiond

    No, not if I understand your question correctly . The 100 km must be the 100km walked immediately before Santiago so you'd probably need to start at Valenca or Tui.
  14. FLEUR

    Walking the Norte in Feb 2020 from Hondarribia - anyone else around then?

    I recently posted details of a great place to stay in Hendaye. Search on here under Hendaye but do let me know if you need details.
  15. FLEUR

    UK Ladies Share Your Shoes Info!

    Out walking today in Surrey after a few kms we arrived at a village that we knew had a good shop for walking gear. I remembered they sold Meindl shoes so in we went. Amazingly the first pair of shoes I tried were almost identical to the old ones I was using , the fit was perfect, reader, I...

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