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Camino Way Markers
Original Camino Way markers made in bronze. Two models, one from Castilla & Leon and the other from Galicia.
Rent a house in Santiago (1 month minimum)
300m from the cathedral and around the corner from the fresh food market in Santiago. Perfect place to tele commute from (1GB symmetrical connection).

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  1. fraluchi

    Something terrible happened to me on the camino today

    Most of the rain falls on your sides, and you'll need some to see the rainbows.
  2. fraluchi

    A thought on pilgrim statistics

    The pilgrim figures from León also show the typical tourist seasons for this area: Low (winter) season from November to April, Shoulder months from April to May and from Mid to end of October, and the "summer" season from May to Mid October. The peaks often depend from the Easter and other...
  3. fraluchi

    Numbers from SJPP August

    Falcon269, "statistics" are often misleading, which is why one tends to call them similar to lies.;) The SJPP figures are up, but there is no such "growth" on the camino afterwards. As a matter of fact, and compared to last year, less pilgrims said to have started from towns such as Pamplona...
  4. fraluchi


    You might want to visit the local Tourism office and pick those jewels which appeal to you. Both towns are unique and worth at least a day's visit. Buen Camino.
  5. fraluchi

    Numbers from SJPP August

    Yes, the alternative caminos are "picking up speed". However, the Frances until Sarria is consistently seeing lower numbers (-4%). Y-t-d these were similar to those in 2011 in 2012. The Sarria - Santiago lap of the Frances saw numbers increased by 11% compared to last year, and now represent...
  6. fraluchi

    A bad dream

    We houden onze hand onder je hart ;)
  7. fraluchi

    A bad dream

    Peter, carry on like this and you'll be like a newly born baby next month;)
  8. fraluchi

    Do albergues refuse the pilgrims who don't carry their packs

    There are in fact some places with a central drop-off albergue. Ask about this when forwarding luggage.;)
  9. fraluchi

    Question of charging batteries in albergues

    There always are power outlets available, but you never know how many candidates want to use them at the same time. Unless you happen to have a point exclusively to your bed (rarely:mad:) As far as security goes, one never knows how moments of inattention are being abused, apart from someone...
  10. fraluchi

    Drinkable water?

    The answers are already given (above). What might be a concern, particularly on hot days with lots of perspiration, are some "suero oral" (serum) confections, which you can buy at farmacias (pharmacies, drugstores) and solve in water.
  11. fraluchi

    SIM card

    It doesn't really matter where you get your SIM-card, since the roaming in Europe has been unified. What does matter money-wise is the type of contract you intend to sign up for (heavy data downloads for example). I myself got a very good contract from Vodafone in England last year, which I used...
  12. fraluchi

    Statistics for June 2018

    Hi BookLover, don't worry too much about a too crowdy Camino Francés, if the trend from SJPP to Sarria is continuing to slow down as it has been doing this year. Last month (July) less pilgrims started from Saint Jean PP compared to the same month last year. Also the year-to-date figures from...
  13. fraluchi

    A bad dream

    Peter, get well, and don't forget the Dutch saying "onkruid vergaat niet"!;)
  14. fraluchi

    Cell phone manners at night

    One side you, the other side x pilgrims. One way or the other, you'll be out of tolerance balance.:mad:
  15. fraluchi

    Numbers leaving from SJPP in August

    Interesting figures from SJPP. Thank you Falcon269. I elaborated a bit on these and compared with the following: In Saint Jean Pied de Port, the number of pilgrims recorded in 2017 were 57.295, (58’953 in 2016, 54’647 in 2014 and 54’218 in 2014). Whilst there was an increase of 8% in 2016...