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    Route suggestions once you've done all the obvious caminos?

    Camino Mozarabe connecting to the VDLP and then to the Sanabres. Camino Olvidao from Bilbao to Ponferada and then onto the Invierro. Camino Dos Faros along the north coast of Spain.
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    Question (about walking poles) for older walkers

    I'm 82 and have used hiking poles for more than 20 years over some 12,000+ miles. I agree with others to use the strap, especially going uphill. I, however, only have the strap resting below my knuckles with the thumb outside of the strap. I lightly hold the pole with thumb and first finger...
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    Anybody out there doing a Camino with A Fib?

    I have A-Fib but walked for two months this fall on the Camino Olvidado, Invierno, and Dos Faros. I take a blood thinner every morning and carry Metoprol Tartrate with me whenever hiking. As an 81 year old, I'm a little slower and will stop to catch my breath if needed. Also take a break...
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    LIVE from the Camino On the Olvidado

    Took the train from Boñar but got off too early so had more kilometers to walk. In Vegacervera stayed at Alberque/Hostal Valporequero. Had a dinner and they let me have an earlier breakfast then scheduled. The steep descent after Villa de Puerto was steep, but not that bad since I always...
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    Current status on the Olvidado — late May 2021

    To get the numbers for the key box, ask Rosi in the first house in Fasgar. No hot water in the alberque. No cell phone connection so no WiFi until almost in Igüeña. Alberque still new. No one else in the last three alberques. In Pandora the hotel was closed on Sunday. Resty wanted a two...
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    Current status on the Olvidado — late May 2021

    In 14b after Coladilla the Camino leaves the road. It’s was AWFUL. So many weeds that I finally went across some fields just beyond Valle to the road. Recommend to stay on the road all the way to Villar. There are 24 hour ATMs in La Magdalena and Riello. The new alberque in La Magdalena is...
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    LIVE from the Camino On the Olvidado

    In Guardo I couldn’t see any signs/arrows for 10b. Used Ender’s to get me in the right direction. When got onto a small dirt road outside the city, it took me to a big gully, so back to the highway for a kilometer or so. In Velilla del Rio Carrión. Bar Stop open at 6:30 on a Sunday. The...
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    New albergue in La Magdalena

    Are these the correct phone numbers? I tried the first but between my Spanish and his English I don’t think I had the right number.
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    Current status on the Olvidado — late May 2021

    For Stage 13b, in Ranedo de Curueño, el Canto del Gallo is closed according to the women on the phone.
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    LIVE from the Camino On the Olvidado

    For stage 9, after leaving Cervera crossing a River and turning left onto a secondary highway, the trail to the right is not marked and hard to see. It leaves the road onto a brushy, grassy trail before 1 km on the road. It doesn’t look like a trail only a path that has some grass trampled...
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    LIVE from the Camino On the Olvidado

    Went to the urgent care hospital in Reinosa with swollen, red, and warm ankles. Since I had”dermatitis abuse estasis venous” the doctor gave me a small steroid drink, some cream, and instructions to teepee my legs up and sometimes in old water, and specifically to take a taxi to Olea, as well...
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    Current status on the Olvidado — late May 2021

    In Aguilar de Campoo the Santa Cecilia has posted hours when it’s open: closed Mondays; Tuesdays thru Sundays 11 - 2, 5-7:45. Starting September 12th, closed for the season. Ticket to visit is one euro.
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    LIVE from the Camino On the Olvidado

    I’ve learned how to expand Enders app and can now follow the Camino whichever way it turns. But leaving Villasana de Mena I was still learning. (Coffee in bars and bakery shop open by 7:30). Took me about three hours to get way out of town, even with the app were three potentials to go on...
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    LIVE from the Camino On the Olvidado

    Started the Olvidado on Sunday, August 29. The Olvidado and the Norte share the same directions for a few miles. I never did see the Devil’s Bridge and just kept following the great signage. I finally realized after checking my track that I was not on the Olvidado. Some nice folks kept...
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    Question about raintrousers

    I also carry a rain skirt. Have carried on two trips to Spain and used on Pacific Crest Trail and Appalacian Trail. It also provides a wrap-around after a shower or while doing laundry, if necessary. Weights less than 3 oz.
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