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Recent content by freescot

  1. freescot

    Via de la Plata current accomodation update

    I'm on the Via de la Plata just now. I've not come across any publically run albergues open yet. I doubt that it's for hygene reasons that they're closed. Bars and restaurants have been open for months.
  2. freescot

    Via de la Plata current accomodation update

    Here's a list I've been given today just updated. No municipal albergues seem to be open but everything is moving. Still lots available for 12€ a night including double rooms. Andalousia and Extremadura have low incidences of Covid and vaccination is apace...
  3. freescot

    Friends of Bill W walking the Camino Frances April, May?

    I've walked quite a few Caminos in the past 10 years and invariably meet other pilgrims who are also ex-drinkers. It's as if we smell each other out. In Europe there are a range of different associations of mutual help groups for those in difficulty with alcohol often based around the whole...
  4. freescot

    The Silent Camino "People"

    Chemin d'Assise Sangano, Torino
  5. freescot

    Frustrating, irritating, and annoying pictures on this forum.

    Is that really so, Alex? I'm sure you lose all sense of time when you're on a Camino and are surprised when a Sunday pops up and the shops are shut.
  6. freescot

    What do you do when you cannot walk anymore?

    We must be almost exactly the same age, Doug. I've been slowing down for 5 years now and on quite a few Caminos I've had to accept that I couldn't make it all the way. I go back later and do a bit more. Today I've finished one I started last March in Terradillos, gave up in Ponferrada and again...
  7. freescot

    2 stamps a day starting after Sarria

    Actually, I do find it a problem. One a day is fine, especially since it's part of a night in an albergue. Otherwise, I find it a pain. Most might not. I'm not at all used to it, arrive at nighttime and I've forgotten to get one, distracted my my pilgrimage. That's the problem it's a distraction.
  8. freescot

    Who has packed the lightest pack?

    Where do you keep your credit card, Marty?
  9. freescot

    León to Santiago January 2020

    Hello Janu, you might just pass me. I'm off to start in Sarria middle of next week. I'll be the slowest pilgrim you pass. Buen Camino.
  10. freescot

    Travel from Canada

    I always find Skyscanner does a good job of working out all the combinations. You can search prices by whole months and destinations as whole countries.
  11. freescot

    Walking The Meseta in Late October .. what shoes to wear?

    I've walked all my caminos in sandals in all seasons, even with snow. Invariably I am told I am wearing the wrong shoes. Walk in whatever is most comfortable for you. There are no rules. I may well be walking it in October. In sandals - Decathlon's cheapest, good for 2000km. Buen Camino.
  12. freescot

    Leaving in 1,5 weeks... nervous!

    I always find that I start having reasons for postponing or not starting. Always. They become more persuasive the closer my starting date is. In the end I just go. Yes the others are right: a few steps on the Camino and you know that you are exactly where you are meant to be. Buen Camino.
  13. freescot

    Walking and remembering

    Walking the Francigena in Italy in 2016 and again just now, I meet refugees almost every day. A pilgrimage gives me the time and place to talk with many of those I meet. Nearly all I have met speak good English. I have not met any who have told me the story of how they arrived in Italy nor about...
  14. freescot

    Near Assisi - some advice please

    Hello Celia, I'm walking to Assisi just now but not on the route you've chosen. Really, in my experiences in Italy there is no need to book in a group. In mid-September you should have no problems booking ahead for the next day and almost certainly you will find a bed if you just turn up. All...