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    Small digital camera

    Hi on my last Camino Frances in 2015, I took my mobile for photos etc and also a small digital camera for backup, the extra weight was no problem, if i took a interesting photo with my mobile, I also took one with the camera , in case I had trouble with one, i still had my photos, to walk all...
  2. freespirit

    Coping with change after Sarria - wisdom needed please

    Hi thats what i found while walking my last Camino Frances in 2015, it seems ok nice and pleasant till you get to Sarria, then it seems the madness starts, people playing music acting silly, a few years back i understand they looked into changing the trip from Sarria to make it a further...
  3. freespirit

    Top tips from Frances veterans?

    I myself would not get a bunk near an open window again, i tried it once and almost got eaten alive by a visit of the night tme bugs
  4. freespirit

    To shave or not to shave

    You could get a barbershop shave, but i wouldn't trust someone I dont know with the dreaded open cut throat razor, it make me think of Sweeney todd the demon barber of fleet street london, its up to you good luck
  5. freespirit

    It’s busy

    Hi like yourself I intended to do the Francis this year but will put it of till next year if God allows, but it would have been my third Camino so i cannot complain, going this year to me seems madness most of the accommodation will probably be full and plenty of crowds which I don't like ...
  6. freespirit

    Be prepared... pilgrim rescue

    With regards to last post on bad conditions on the Frances in mid May, I myself have experienced damp mist and cold weather early June past the Albergue at Orrison near the top before the hut,
  7. freespirit

    To shave or not to shave

    I like to shave still while doing the Camino, just nice personal hygiene etc also makes me fill better, but as for not carrying a Razor etc because of the weight, instead you have to carry the hair round your chin and when it's extra hot sweat round your neck, it's up to yourself
  8. freespirit

    A Little Jittery as I think ahead

    This year will also be my third Camino frances and like yourself also fill nervous, not only because the walk itself, but not being like a spring chicken back on my first Camino back in 2010, when i was a young 65, but being more nervous because my age will be the big double 7 but it's only a...
  9. freespirit

    Name this flower (please)

    Hi for those of you who like to know 8 Hi for those.of you who like to know the names of flowers, where ever you travel there is a app you can get called Picture this worth a try.
  10. freespirit

    Story: The 3 Camino Amigos – Why it started to fall apart on the Camino Frances (and a Question)

    Having done the Camino twice once with fellow pilgrims and once without, I preferred my second choice, and when i go back for my third Camino I will go it alone, I have found that walking alone I can walk where I want, when i want,stop when I want,eat when and where I want, and sleep where I...
  11. freespirit

    August weather in Northern Spain

    Hi fellow pilgrims,am hoping to return next year what ever have put it of since 2016 for different reasons at home and the dreaded virus so i need to return in 2021, as i am not getting any younger and need to strike while the irons hot, it will be my third frances and after may try a different...
  12. freespirit

    Why No Public WCs along the Caminos?!?

    Hi about building wc along the camino seems a stupid idea .can you imagine after a few days if its not cleaned regularly it will really start to stink especially in the hot weather also would start to get blocked up and dont forget all the flys etc.its better to go behind a bush or something at...
  13. freespirit

    Unsettling death on Camino del Norte

    Hi I my self have been taking statins (and a few other tablets) since my double heart by pass op in 2003 ,have done the Frances twice and hope to return next year and have been drinking like a fish since, am not saying we all should do it but its works ok for me, check it out with your Doc ,mind...
  14. freespirit

    Do they speak English ? Clues ? ?

    I have walked the camino frances twice and this year about to do my third and I only know a few words of Spanish, but have always got by also most of the people you come across speak a few words of English, so its give and take also you can always use hand signals and as for Brierleys guide that...
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