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    An alternative system for Albergues

    Weather has been fantastic. A few days of rain, cool mornings with pleasant to warm afternoons.
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    An alternative system for Albergues

    I also think it's naive to think the Camino is the same today as it was a thousand years ago. Between luggage delivery, Booking com, smart phones, and near end to end wireless coverage technology is a big part of today's Camino. The question is whether it adds or takes away from the experience.
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    An alternative system for Albergues

    I'm currently in Leon, have stayed primarily in Alburques. One of the things I have witnessed is pilgrims making multiple reservations for the same night. One for the location they hope to get to, one for a location a bit closer and perhaps one for a bit farther if they feel like going on. So...
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    Foot help in Astorga

    May I ask what treatment she provided. Thanks. Grm
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    What to do about booking rooms...

    To add to my previous message, the hospitaleros I have spoken to say reservations are needed in the classic stops with few beds (Hornillos, Terradillos). I'm mostly booking ahead because showing up early isn't a guarantee since so many are shipping luggage. I arrived in Hornillos before noon...
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    What to do about booking rooms...

    The alberques I'm currently staying in are filling up more than 50 percent of the beds. I believe they can now go up to 75 percent. Last night was 7 out 10 in my room, tonight is 2 out of 3. Frm
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    Holding my breath in L.A. !

    I’m scheduled to fly out the 9th and share your concerns. Do know the any EU decision is a guideline and individual countries can modify as they see fit. My hopes are that at most Spain will change entry requirements to require vaccination. Any type of quarantine will present problems for me...
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    Bought my ticket. Spain here I come.

    I would love to see something like that. One year I’m going to plan my Camino around festivals and religious holidays. Unfortunately I will be 4 days out of Burgos on the 14th. Thanks for the info though. frm
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    Bought my ticket. Spain here I come.

    So I’ve finally committed to walking the France. Purchased tickets yesterday. Iberia had a great price on a round trip Premium Economy ticket from my Charlotte NC for $1000. I depart September 9. I’ll have 19 days and plan walking from Burgos to Sarria. This allows me to hit my favorite...
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    If flying to Madrid from another country, what are your current concerns about the Camino Frances in September?

    I’m planning on walking Pamplona to SDC beginning in late September. I’ve decided to move forward on the trip, knowing I will to have cancel if things deteriorate. I will base my decision on the likelihood of my catching or spreading the virus. I would hope that these criteria would also...
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    Pamplona Airport to Zariquiequi

    There was a bus running from the airport to downtown Pamplona when I was there in March of 2019. I took the bus to fortress downtown and picked up the Frances there. frm
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    microfiber towel poncho

    I would enjoy someone walking around the alberque in a microfiber poncho. I second @C clearly, go for it. frm
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    COVID I received my Corona "passport" today:

    @alexwalker , I wonder if they limit the passports to 3 months due to the fact the longer term effectiveness of the vaccine is still unknown. From what I’ve read studies have shown up to 6 months protection, but they only have 6 months worth of data to use since it’s a new vaccine. So each...
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    Vasque boots

    I’ve used the Vasque Breeze on my three walks in Spain. They have served me well, though in October I’m bringing a pair of Altra Lone Peaks (mid rise, water resistant). I’ve found them very pleasant to walk in due to the wide toe box and zero drop heel. They are noticeably lighter and my legs...
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    REI Sleeping Bag - Camino Light

    I ended up with a Rumpl down blanket. I purchased the Costco down blanket but at 6’4“ found it way too short. I would guess anyone over 5’10” would find in short. frm