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  1. gapowell

    Preparing my next Camino this September... from Cologne!

    Preparing my next Camino this September... from Cologne!
  2. gapowell

    Leaving Saturday 5/30/15

    Hi Josie86, It's a wonderful time of year to be starting the trek. I envy you starting your first Camino - be careful, it might not be your last! Just to follow up on your last comment (above). YES, get an early start! I really think it is key to not rusg that first day. Firstly, because it is...
  3. gapowell

    No time to prepare for the camino

    Totu, the Camino Frances is beautiful, and you will have as much time as you want to be on your own, or socializing with other people. I am SURE you will be fine if, as many people here have pointed out, you take it slowly, listen to your body, and also listen to other pilgrims! Spend money on...
  4. gapowell

    22 Sleeps to go - But My Camino has started in earnest ....

    Exciting times... it is almost D-day! Everyone has said (including yourself), but I'll say it again - go slowly, slowly, slowly...! Do not feel that you have to keep up with anyone. It seems such a simple and obvious thing to say, but I have seen so many people rush off and do themselves damage...
  5. gapowell

    22 Sleeps to go - But My Camino has started in earnest ....

    Well, you are on the route now... And probably over the Pyrenees by now. So, well done! Hope you are taking it slowly, and enjoying every minute. Remember, it is not a marathon. It is just a very very special walk...
  6. gapowell

    What Albergues and experiences meant the most to you?

    Hey Aussi Pete! That's fantastic that you will soon be there... a great time of year to start. As to your question... There are sooo many wonderful experiences and albergues along the way! Certainly Roncevalles, as has been said, is right up there. I also loved the albergue at Boadilla. As for...
  7. gapowell

    Can hear the camino calling!

    I am going back this September. It will be just over 3 years since my last confession... sorry, Camino. Not a day has passed without me thinking about and remembering moments, people, places, pains and pleasures of that last time. Not a single day. In fact, yesterday, I resigned from my job...
  8. gapowell

    I don't want to just be an 'Extra' in someone else's Camino...

    It's your time. It's your walk. There are no 'correct' ways of doing it. I would suggest that the only sure thing is that the Camino might surprise you... It will be such a wonderful time for you, I am sure. You will find plenty enough time to be on your own. Go with as few expectations as...
  9. gapowell

    Comment by 'gapowell' in media 'Artic Circle Bound .... Heading Home ....'

    Wow. Really? How long will that take? When will you arrive...?
  10. gapowell

    Meaning of Camino to you

    Healing. Peace. Freedom. Maybe even in that order. Some pain, lots of laughter and friendship. Simplicity. I thought I would think about a lot of 'things' on the Camino. In fact, consciously at least, I would spend hours with not a thought going through my head! It was a kind of meditative...
  11. gapowell

    Le Puy - SJPP - Santiago de Compostela

    Hi Vlogan, I don't know which, if any, Camino you have done in the past. The Frances Camino in Spain usually take about a month to complete. 2 years ago, I walked from geneva to Le Puy, then to SJPP, then to Santiago. Total time... about 11.5 weeks. It took 2 weeks to walk to Le Puy from Geneva...
  12. gapowell

    how I became aware of the Camino

    Ahhhh, I love this! Yes, WandererJolie, this kind of story will have a lot of resonance for many people, I suspect. It's odd how the Camino can creep up on you like that! I remember7 or 8 years ago, walking along Hadrian's Wall in northern England and sitting out a storm in a local pub with my...
  13. gapowell

    Which One Would You Choose?

    The Le Puy route is wonderful. BUT... it is much more strenuous a 'walk' than the CF. Much more up and down. Also, things are more expensive in France - about 50% more expensive on the Camino in France than in Spain. But you also pass through some lovely towns and places. Speaking French, as you...
  14. gapowell

    Can I do this??

    Yay! How fantastic (that you are enjoying it!). Go for it and enjoy every moment. Buen Camino...!