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Recent content by Garry Collins

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    The countdown

    Hello from Newcastle Australia , turned 75 a few days out for Le Puy and continued my walk this time 360 k's to Cahors ...certainly tough over those mountains due to me carrying my pack of 9 kgs . I found most walkers were transporting packs at €10 per pack and obviously that made there walk a...
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    Live - Camino Portugues SDCompostella to Porto.....can anyone please advise...I am considering walking from SDCompostella to Porto

    Considering walking Sde Compostelle to Porto however my fellow Walker is concerned about the signage in walking in reverse and therefore getting lost . Can anyone advise if we do this walk should we encounter any problems .
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    Tomorrow in Conques

    Been wonderful meeting you and Tim ,such a happy couple . Be warned this walk is tough . I just walked Conquest to Noailhac the first 2 ks was Extremely challenging ....Buen Camino.
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    We are on the train to Le Puy

    After 7 am Mass ..Garry from Australia ...to St Private .
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    My First Camino

    Hello tomp, we have some things in common but first of all loved your story and look forward to following your Camino. ...my wife is from Sussex ! I south of England . I am 75 in September and walked the Camino Frances October 1 to October 31 ..2014 and late next month I start from Le Puy and...
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    Le Puy Mid-August

    Starting September 21 you will have just about finished by then. Can anyone advise please re the following ... walked the Camino Frances and never used mobile data but concerned it might be different on the Le Puy walk . Do I need a sim card will I be able to just use the Wi Fi at the Communal...
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    Le Puy to St Jean starting September 22. Wanting to walk 25 ks per day to St Jean.

    Thanks Carole will put some apples away. Walked the Camino Frances in 2014 all of October and had the best weather so fingers crossed for the Le Puy walk. Thanks I'd better prepare myself for those bugs , better flies then mossies!
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    Le Puy to St Jean starting September 22. Wanting to walk 25 ks per day to St Jean.

    Thanks FALCON , exactly what I wanted but didn't know how or where to gain information .
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    Le Puy to St Jean starting September 22. Wanting to walk 25 ks per day to St Jean.

    Thanks Helen will definitely look at the Youth Hostels.
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    Le Puy to St Jean starting September 22. Wanting to walk 25 ks per day to St Jean.

    with 2 to 3 stop overs in best towns / villages . Any recommendations please also best demi pension in Le Puy for two nights on arrival ....Garry from Newcastle Australia.
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    is the first day as daunting as it looks?

    Hello Garry from Aussie here , gee you now have lots of input ! I walked STJohn via Valcarlos and then 2017 at age 73 Napoleon way all day into a headwind May 16. I am very fit ,have run marathons but this was a tough 7 hour walk and especially the last 1.5 k down to Roncesvalles.I did enjoy the...
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    April start

    Can anyone tell me weather mid April Le Puy walk to St Jean ..... Garry
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    Splitting the First Day

    Hi Bob, walked to Roncevallous from St Jean via Valcarlos in 2014 on my 70 birthday in 7 hours with no problems. Found the last bit tough however I am very fit and it didn't phase me at all....June 2017 I will walk St Jean to Pamplona via the Napoleon Way thru Oriston to Roncevallous. If you are...

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