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Recent content by gerip

  1. gerip

    Need cash.....Any canadians in or near sarria tomorrow?

    Jim Bob Catface, love it!🤣🤣
  2. gerip

    Windows shut

    Hmmmm. As someone who’s had double knee replacements, I always call ahead to reserve a bottom bunk. Often there’s a good reason for those assigned bunks.
  3. gerip

    Windows shut

    Hmmmm. I’ve stayed in albergues with men (often cyclists) who wore no night clothes and brought no sleeping bag to lighten their load. Of course they wanted the windows closed.
  4. gerip

    Windows shut

    Not surprised. Some albergues are notorious for that kind of behaviour, the one in Villafranca come to mind. Any place where there’s a lot of men and very few women, beware.
  5. gerip

    Windows shut

    I’ve been travelling through Europe for decades, usually staying in hostels or other group sleeping situation and have come to the conclusion that all Europeans are night air phobic. The French are more insistent, the Germans are more vociferous, but it’s pretty much a continental attitude...
  6. gerip

    Thinking about tents

    We’ll need more information. Are you going on the Camino or will you be camping closer to home? If not on the Camino then where? What’s the terrain, the climate? Are you going on your own or will you be sharing a tent? Will you have to carry other equipment and if so how much? Will it be...
  7. gerip

    Lightweight sleeping bag October - November 2020

    It’s gone up a bit in price, but still the best value for money, if you’re going in spring or autumn. Packs down really small.
  8. gerip

    Easiest 100km (for someone with health problems limiting high-intensity exercise)

    Thinking about this a little more, have you asked your doctor about how strenuous the activity can be? Does she have to keep her heart rate fairly low? We don’t need to know any of that information, just something to be discussed with your personal physician. Everyone’s heart rate climbing up...
  9. gerip

    Easiest 100km (for someone with health problems limiting high-intensity exercise)

    I dunno. I asked repeatedly and she said yes, they all go their Compostellas, even though she did tell me that not everyone walked the whole 100k, including an octogenarian lady who pretty much stayed on the bus, and they did it in five days!!!!! But I’ll ask her again about who they went with...
  10. gerip

    Easiest 100km (for someone with health problems limiting high-intensity exercise)

    Nice breakdown. Very useful for a lot of us, thanks. What it does show is that the Frances into Santiago is not flat. Also, up until this point none of us has really mentioned training. Finding a fairly hilly area to walk near where you live ( in southern England we have “The Downs”) will...
  11. gerip

    Easiest 100km (for someone with health problems limiting high-intensity exercise)

    10 km is not a short day when you have health issues. May 2019 I walked up to 30km on some days over the last 100km, in order to spend as little time among the crowds as possible. Oct 2019 I struggled to do 10km/day, and couldn’t figure out why. Two weeks after returning I became terribly...
  12. gerip

    Easiest 100km (for someone with health problems limiting high-intensity exercise)

    If the downhills are harder than the uphills, then forget about the Frances. I saw one elderly lady crying as her relatives coaxed, cajoled and bullied her down the hill into Palace del Rei. It’s a long incline, especially on a hot day. And I can’t remember which town it was where it was an 8...
  13. gerip

    COVID Status of all Xunta albergues

    Great resource, but looks like most places are closed.
  14. gerip

    French Night Trains coming back ?

    I remember there was A/C in the couchette cars, at least in Italy. Spain only had it in 1st class sleeper cars, or at least that’s what I was told when I bought my Europass.
  15. gerip

    Should I pack my kindle?

    Yup. iPhone + tiny folding keyboard, although I didn’t type enough to justify the keyboard. The sight of a husband and wife each buried in their own Kindle looked a little weird to me. I preferred going down the road to have dinner with friends and yak until my eyes were drooping. And I’m...