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    Ley Lines

    Well... Shirley McClain is into them, so that might clue you to how legitimate they are, scientifically. Grant
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    April stats

    re: numbers If this trend continues, and the numbers continue to skyrocket out of control (I mean, good Lord, the figure for this April is double last year's), do you think the archdiocese might try making the compostella requirement longer than 100km? It seems that 1,600+ people started from...
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    Backpacks, sleeping bags and boots!

    Internal Frame packs have rendered external frames almost obsolete, especially since they aren't really any more expensive. The engeneering is so advanced on internal frame packs, compared to the...time of the externals. There are a number of good on-line places, like...
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    backpack size

    After years of hiking and camping with Boy Scouts, I came to this realization: "If you don't have it, you won't need it." It's suprising how little we need to get by. Having spent our lifetimes in an era of realitive wealth and comfort, our species is still amazingly hardy and has but a...
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    Another question...

    Has anyone, in the afterglow of their camino, decided, before leaving Santiago, to make their memory more "permanent?" By that I mean, get a tattoo? If so, what did you get, and how much was the cost? I imagine a small St. James cross might be a popular choice. Is there a good tattoo...
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    Ivar, I wanted to share my appreciation for your work on this site. It's fantastic, and a truly useful resource on the pilgraimge. But is there any way the old from page format could come back. You seem to be experiencing with the look of the from page, and I'd like to cast my vote for...
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    Any 20somethings doing the pilgrimage in June/July?

    Well, Wannes, if that be the case, then I'm sure we'll be seeing each other sometime in the future. Are you going to spend a few days in Pamplona for San Fermin? We'll be there the first three, and run with the bulls on day 1 of the running. The internet is cool. Grant...
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    Any 20somethings doing the pilgrimage in June/July?

    I'm leaving from St. Jean on July 3rd. Hope to be in Compostella by the 7th or 8th of August. Grant
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    What if I wimp out?

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    pack weight

    Sil, can you post the list in this thread? Thanks, Grant
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    Bringing a group to Santiago

    I am also a high school teacher. I'd like to pick your brain a bit about how you pulled such a thing off. Please email me at: Thanks! Grant
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    Camino DVD's. Any good?

    Camino DVD This was the subject of a Santigobis thread not too long ago. I recently bought Ray's video from and liked it. It was good for giving a sense of the road. I wouldn't say it was great for preparing for a camino, that is, what's best to bring, how to...
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    recommended refugios?

    I'm pretty sure he was being sarcastic. Of course, if anybody KNOWS of any refuges like this, don't hesitate to let me know. Grant
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    Bordeaux to St. Jean

    Unfortunately... we can't walk. We have to train it from Bordeaux to Bayonne to make our schedule work (we already have the airline tickets booked.) However, money is really tight with us. If we take the late train from Bordeaux, which gets in about 23:00, is it possible to sleep...
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    Bordeaux to St. Jean

    Anyone know the best way to get from Bordeaux to St. Jean? Is there a bus or train, and if so which one? Thanks.