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    Those we leave behind

    Mine is usually a bit of guilt that I am experiencing something so spetacular without the people I love most beside me. It's only that i want them to experience it too. Can't always be that way, and this is the time of your own pilgrim soul. Hope all your caminos son buenos.
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    Travel pants that don't look like travel pants

    Yeah, I'm thinking that's going to be a little tough on my squeamishness.
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    What to do with hair!

    To some pilgrims, these things are trivial concerns, and yet we do live when we get home, so they do matter. I don't want your glorious hair to be sunburned. I have been considering what to do about my skin because of melasma. Some things I've found may benefit you. One of them is buffs. The...
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    Camino Santiago (Ruta Jacobean) in Gran Canaria

    Hola, Bradypus. Yes, I do, and thank you. I have resolved since undergraduate days to visit the home country of Garcia Lorca. I am coming to do the camino and still deciding a route. Since it's going to be summer, I think this can't be the route for me. Seems like desert and bright, hot sun...
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    LIVE from the Camino Trash

    Hey, then. Think I'll go there.
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    Post-Camino shoe observations

    Such useful and welcome suggestions. Thank you.
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    Traffic and trash

    Hello. Is this a relatively shady route? I'm still deciding my route, and as I'll be there mid-June, I'm hoping to find the route on which i'm least likely to boil. I've seen responses critical in tone to someone who asked a similar question. I'm not looking for a walk in the park, but I'm not...
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    LIVE from the Camino Trash

    This is discouraging to me as I'm a bit squeamish. In fact, last year the thought of it put me off going on the camino at all. I am planning to walk this year but may take an alternate route. Had thought to camp on meseta, but I fear I'd be camping in a toilet. I wonder how things are along...
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    Camino Primitivo to Santiago and then to Muxia & Finisterre Guide

    Thank you for creating a resource. I am planning to come in a few days and haven't settled upon a route. Since so many comments say the heat is fierce in June I'm trying to find a camino with a lot of leaves. Some, I see on other threads, have been dismissive of people who ask this question...
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    If you are interested in Spanish history, check this out

    This is frightening to me.
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    An "alternative" new (old!) modality of walking

    Thank you for this information. Yeah, after looking at various descriptions of the rocks and cobbles, it does seem I will need something with to cushion my steps, and as you say, ankle support may be important. I hadn't planned on coming w/out shoes but I think even the lightweight shoes can...
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    An "alternative" new (old!) modality of walking

    You know I am wondering about camino shoes. I was born and raised in Florida where I've been barefoot except where shoes are required. I'm getting ready for the camino ( in about ten days). I see suggestions to have one pair of heavy shoes on hand, but I feel like Sparticus on Bird Cage...
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    Re Umbrellas?

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    If you are interested in Spanish history, check this out

    I would love to be walking with people on this thread.

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