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  1. gracethepilgrim

    El Camino del Anillo - Lord of the Rings Pilgrimage in Spain?

    Sara thanks for posting. This looks like a fun diversion. If it’s anything like te camino Madrid it’ll be great. is it on your list?
  2. gracethepilgrim

    LIVE from the Camino OzAnnie jumps on Levante from Toledo (with help from friends )

    Annie, I’m pleased you’re enjoying ‘slow camino’ and enjoying Avila. I’m sure you’ll have the opportunity to try out a couple of bars/wines. Do report back ;)
  3. gracethepilgrim

    LIVE from the Camino OzAnnie jumps on Levante from Toledo (with help from friends )

    Annie, you’re doing great and Laurie and the gang are so helpful. Keep the energy up, and I’m pleased you took a wee taxi ride to shorten your long day. I was thinking of giving caminos a miss this year (after Madrid and Mozarabe last year) but now I’m keen to finish my aborted Levante from...
  4. gracethepilgrim

    Changing plans - landed Madrid Monday 2 march 2020

    Just a quick hi and Buen Camino, Annie. I know we’ve been chatting via Whatsapp but I thought I’d catch up with all the wonderful suggestions and offers of help from all the rest of the camino-addicts here ;)
  5. gracethepilgrim

    La Pobla Llarga - New albergue

    Jean-luc this is super news. I’ve just returned from the Cami Madrid and the Mozárabe. I’ve still got the Levante to complete from Toledo. The new Albergue won’t be on my dance card but it’s great to see more Albergues popping up on the Levante. I loved walking the first half. Very different...
  6. gracethepilgrim

    Sara talks about her assault on the Salvador

    Sara, I too have watched many of your videos. You are an inspiration and a strength. Your values and loving spirit always shine through. I’m saddened that you experienced such a horrific act of mal-intent. You are one hell of a gutsy woman. Kudos. And thanks for going through the court...
  7. gracethepilgrim

    Live - Camino Mozarabe Camino Mozarabe from Malaga now

    Well done! Will you finish there? Currently in Villaharta. Caught up with a group of 5 from Malaga otherwise only seen 3 other pilgrims since Almeria. Awesome camino so far. Cheers Grace
  8. gracethepilgrim

    Live - Camino Mozarabe Camino Mozarabe from Malaga now

    Sounds like a great plan. I’m walking on Moz from Almeria. A few days from Córdoba at present and experiencing the same perfect walking weather. Shoutout to the pilgrim Assn of Almeria. Amazing folk, great Albergues to Granada and super marking. @bjorgts i doubt we’ll cross paths. Buen Camino.
  9. gracethepilgrim

    LIVE from the Camino Camino de Invierno October 2019

    Fantastic to hear of your spontaneous camino @timr I love reading your comprehensive posts. Very informative. As I’m currently on the Mozárabe it will be interesting to compare weather in the North. I hope you don’t get rain. Cheers, Grace
  10. gracethepilgrim

    Camino de Madrid in September

    I didn’t note the name, sorry. The lady in the farmacia nearby just said I should walk around the corner and head upstairs when I see the open door.
  11. gracethepilgrim

    Camino de Madrid in September

    Oops yes, writing in a bar on my phone causes some very ambiguous instructions. Or was it the two vermuts? Sorry. So in Cercedilla when you enter the village there is a Dia supermarket. If you need to buy food for your ‘summit to Fuenfria ‘ the next day, it’s a good idea to get it here. If...
  12. gracethepilgrim

    Camino de Madrid in September

    Anthony you’ll love this camino. Im in Leon now having finished in Sahagun yesterday (horrrrrrrrible to meet the hoardes after the peace of Camino Madrid) Advice: contact Ray and Rosa a day or two before you get to Manzanares and make sure you’re in contact via Whatsapp. They go out of their...
  13. gracethepilgrim

    Camino de Madrid in September

    Perfect timing Nuala. I’ve arrived to Alcazaren and completed ‘pilgrim work’ for the day. Heading out to info office and later food. Will look for timr’s bar. Gorgeous walk today. Very misty start from Villeguillo but I saw lots of deer skipping across the path ahead of me. Pilgrims do make a...
  14. gracethepilgrim

    Camino de Madrid in September

    Well I promised to write about my camino Madrid. As I’ve been dogged with a pesky foot issue I’ve held off posting in case I have to abandon ship. Bloomin heck, what next! Suffice to say I’m doing ok and staying in touch with Terry and Paul. We’re a day apart. Im now in the cute Albergue in...
  15. gracethepilgrim

    Camino de Madrid in September

    Hi @camino07, I hope your cat is on the mend. I had the same issue but mine is bouncing back. It’s countdown time again (5 days) and after 2 years without a camino I am so keen to get on the plane. I’ve made contact with OP (Terry) and hope to meet up in Madrid. I’ll try to post some news ad...

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