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  1. GraemeHall

    Just completed Portugués

    Last Friday I arrived in Santiago de Compostela, having set out from Lisbon on 18 September. 24 days, no rest days, walked every millimetre, carried my pack all the way, 71 years of age, very satisfied with myself but also feeling really humble. Yesterday I came back to Lisbon ahead of my flight...
  2. GraemeHall

    Credencial explanation

    What is the purpose of the "box" at the top of the first "blank" page of the official Credencial? Thanks. Graeme
  3. GraemeHall

    Alternative to Cruz de Ferro

    Off topic relative to the OP's question...but I was at El Cruz de Ferro on 11 April last year. I arrived quite early, there was a lot of snow, but I was completely alone for half an hour except for God and some birds. One of the most memorable half-hours of my life. I left my stone and its...
  4. GraemeHall

    LIVE from the Camino It’s Hot!

    Sorry if this makes me a wowser, but I believe this to be a site for Pilgrims, so could we please refrain from all the "f....ing"s and "Jeezus" etc? Offensive to a good number of members I'd say. Well, one that I know of. Rant over.
  5. GraemeHall

    Good News. One Pilgrim Missing Between SJPP and Roncesvalles is found today!

    Sorry if I offended anyone! I am definitely not monolingual, and my comment was triggered by the Spanish text referring to a person of "North American nationality". I for one did not assume that the person was a citizen of the USA.
  6. GraemeHall

    Good News. One Pilgrim Missing Between SJPP and Roncesvalles is found today!

    North American is a nationality now?
  7. GraemeHall

    Free medical treatment for pilgrims?

    A bit similar here. I went to hospital in Leòn, suffering "shin splints". They did a preliminary "charge" of about 200€ to my credit card, phoned my Australian travel insurance provider, did the xrays and MRI etc while awaiting a reply, and eventually I paid nothing because the insurer gave them...
  8. GraemeHall

    Muxia vs Finnesterre

    Why choose? Enjoy both.
  9. GraemeHall

    My airfare booked..yay

    Last week I had two stents installed in my coronary arteries, and today I booked my fare from Brisbane to Lisbon to head off on El Camino Portugués in mid-September. Francès last year, and I'm well hooked!!
  10. GraemeHall

    Biarritz Airport to Irun, Spain - getting there

    I have walked from Biarritz airport to train station. Takes about half an hour. Downhill all the way if I recall. Or a taxi will take about 5 minutes.
  11. GraemeHall

    Non-Catholic on the Camino

    And then back up the chain? Lol
  12. GraemeHall

    Non-Catholic on the Camino

    Perhaps it was the parochial albergue at Tosantos? I had a similar experience there...
  13. GraemeHall

    Cape Finisterre’s mythical pull

    I felt last year that my continuation from Santiago to Muxía and onward to The End of the Earth was logical, fulfilling, and gave closure to the whole experience. It was enotionally, physically, and especially spiritually, an entirely appropriate conclusion and my prilgrimage would have been...
  14. GraemeHall

    Via Podiensis route

    Perhaps no "need to struggle". Learn some French.
  15. GraemeHall

    To carry or not to carry an hair dryer?

    Sorry but I can't help being amused by the irony...this one asking about carrying a hairdryer and the one a couple of posts up about carrying their "law enforcement" badge. So many similarities imho....

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