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    I’ve been thinking

    I used to say that three things need to be in place to travel—time, money and health—but then I added another one—desire. Some time ago I saw the cover of a guidebook showing a cafe in Paris and asked a coworker if she wouldn’t rather be sitting there watching the world go by. Her answer was...
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    Routes to Vézelay

    Thanks for another idea. I’m not sure we’ll have time, but I’ll take a look.
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    Routes to Vézelay

    Oh goodness. We may have to come back in a couple of years for yet another route!
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    Routes to Vézelay

    Wow! Thanks so much to you both for your help. This gives us lots to review and consider. We enjoyed walking from Le Puy to SJPP and decided we want more delicious French meals. I chose Vézelay because an ancestor was born in Limoges in the 1600s and I’m interested in seeing that...
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    Routes to Vézelay

    Thanks. (Through your suggestions I came across the route from Bayonne to Irun, which is lovely.) I see the map you linked, but it seems just a little short on the particulars of the route. The MdM-Dax-Bayonne route sounds like what we’re looking for. Where would I find out more about that...
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    Routes to Vézelay

    Yes, that gives me a lot of information. And now I’ll learn some Dutch with the help of Google translate! I have the MMDD for Vezelay. We may just wing it at the south end to get to Bayonne rather than Ostabat. I appreciate your help.
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    Routes to Vézelay

    Thanks for the reply. I had seen this site and got a little info, but the French book is out of stock and not available. I’m glad to know the waymarking is good, or was four years ago!
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    Routes to Vézelay

    Thank you for the link. I saw that in a search but was (am!) confused by all the possibilities.
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    Routes to Vézelay

    We’d like to walk border to border in France via the Lemovicensis. Has anyone walked either from, say, Schengen or Couvin to Vézelay recently? I’d like to know the places you stopped, and whether you were on a marked or personally created route. The info I’ve come across is somewhat dated...
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    Camino Le Puy ending in SJPDP - anticlimactic?

    Le Puy to St Jean takes about a month. It’s a great route and you will feel good on completing it. You won’t get a certificate, even though you’ve earned it as much as anyone walking Sarria to SdC! Here’s what I’d suggest: walk to the point where you started the CF. We had taken a picture...
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    Curious about achievability of Camino at 50, slow walker

    Your pains, and efforts to relieve them, are difficult to read about. My image of you on the Camino is one of that if a true pilgrim. If you are able to go, may the sights, sounds and people you meet lessen the difficulty.
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    Like you, I’m just now seeing your response! Thanks for the update. Well, Buen Camino...

    Like you, I’m just now seeing your response! Thanks for the update. Well, Buen Camino, wherever the next one may be. Let her know there are more of us out there who understand the issue.
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    When walking the Camino in Germany (King Ludwig’s Way) we were chased by cows. Fortunately we were able to put enough distance between us that they gave up, although I worried that my bright red raincoat might be an attraction on a dull rainy day. We’re considering walking Le Puy to SJPP or the...
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    Like your wife I have the same fear. Many people answering your post didn't understand that mix...

    Like your wife I have the same fear. Many people answering your post didn't understand that mix of exposure, altitude, inner ear issue. Hard to predict or describe. Did you do the Le Puy route? Was she okay? My husband and I are considering it or the Norte in 18. If you get this message I'd...
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    Late Day on the Portugues

    Thanks for the info. We usually eat earlier here in the States and 7 p.m. sometimes seems very late! I'm glad to hear we'll have more options.